Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GOOD GRAVY! What possessed me to post about my fungus?

Well, I've been told by folks who read my blog that they appreciate my transparency, but perhaps this time I went a little far! LOL I can't believe I put my fungus out there for the whole blogosphere to read about. Even my husband came home from the park with this little account.
First, imagine his latin accent with a very incredulous tone in his voice.

"Pam, we saw Kim and her girls at the park. They asked about you, said they had read about your rash on your blog! I can't believe that some one like you who is so private about so many things would write about THAT. You won't even go out in public right now but you put YOUR RASH out there for the world to know about. What's next, are you going to post pictures of the rash?" This was said all in fun, mind you!

Hey, great idea honey! Now you all can scroll down to see photo of my rash!

Naw, just yanking your chain folks. I don't think I would post a photo of my fungus. After all, I am a dignified, southern lady! My response to Agustin was, "Well, I didn't mind telling my blogging friends because they "know" me!"

Hubby's tongue-in-cheek response: "And the people at church don't know you? Maybe you need a reality check."

But you all get me, don't you? You do know me and support me in such a way that I wasn't a bit self conscious in sharing something with you that is quite embarrassing to me! Think about it! Awesome! So now I understand what possessed me to post about my fungus -- it was YOU ALL!

On the bright side, I have received so many great ideas for treatment, much of which I had searched out on line! I knew you all would come through. The prayers are most appreciated and things are "clearing up" a bit. Web - the first thing I tried was the half water to half peroxide. I saw improvement in 24 hours! I'm off to the health food store tomorrow to buy Oregano Oil, which I had never heard of until Groovy suggested it. Thanks Groovy!


Kimberly said...

Oh Pam honey!! I sure hope we girls didn't get you in hot water! I wish I were as open as you are about most things. Well, maybe ALL things! heeheehee Glad you're on the mend. Maybe one of these days when we stop by the park we'll catch you there too. Love Ya!

Ashley said...

HAHA wooo! That's funny! Uncle Agustin's a hoot! Hope you're not in "trouble"! Love you and miss you! Hope you feel better soon! :)

Jackie said...

Are you online right now? If so sign on to MSN so we can chat!

CaraqueƱa said...

Hey there Pam! Sorry to hear about your fungus...yucko. Since I've been back here I've heard about all kinds of weird new bugs and super-bugs. It's all really weird. Hope yours clears up soon...hope it's not contagious over the web...heehee. btw...I actually posted today!

HsKubes said...

LOL. So glad you feel comfortable enough with all of us to share. ;o)

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my post. It was a blessing to me. I, too, teared up when my beloved left that comment. ;o) We hope to see him, Lord willing, in January. ;o) Thank you so much for your prayers.

Enjoy your week ~

justabeachkat said...

Too funny! It's amazing how quickly we feel like we know each other and just share like old girlfriends. I think it's great. Glad you're seeing some improvement.

Happy Halloween!

jennifer said...

Funny, But I totally get this post! I am glad that you have a remedy.

We are among blog friends and we must be ourselves. It is the greatest test ever. We come to love a blogger with no strings, just the pure innocent sweet person that they are..

No bling, no poverty separates the blog world. First the insides then we reveal the rest...

So keep on blogging

Pat said...

There is wise counsel in many!!!

Thanks for letting us know---how else would we have known what to pray for??

I can hear Augustine's concerned voice now!!LOL

Pray you are well again soon!!!

BTW Tea Tree oil works well, too if you can stand the smell!! It is not bad; however, I woudl think you would be licking your arms with the oregano oil---reminds you of Italian food!! LOL

Love N hugs!!

Beki Ward said...

Pam, if all else fails, try Listerine...plain, old fashioned Listering. I use it for poison ivy all the time. My Granny Kennedy told me to use it one time for something, and being a kid at the time I thought she'd lost her mind. Years later I was desperate to "cure" a bad case of poison ivy and gave it a try...sure enough, it worked although I will admit that it stings like the dickins if you put it on broken skin. Don't know how well it'd work on fungi, but she was a mountain woman from WV and we come from that "stock" so try it, ya hear? ;-) Love ya and tell Augustin to quit giving you a hard time, we love your blog! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

LOL, not at your situation, but at your husband. They just don't get it.

Grace Bowden said...

hey I come home in just a few days Friday night I am so happy to be in sunny Florida it is getting cold burr.

A Note From Theresa said...

Laughing so hard my sides are hurting!

Still praying for you.

Julie's Jewels said...

I love you so much Sis!! You're such a blessing to me!!


Oh, shucks, I was expecting a picture.lol. I am praying for you, seriously. I hope it gets better. I am glad you shared it. connie from Texas

Rebecca said...

lol That's funny. Well, I hope it clears up. Your hubby sounds a bit like mine.

Jackie said...

It was a cool Fall day in Florida while Pam sat at her computer. She had so much on her heart to share...but how to express all on her mind? Where should she begin? It was a dilema she faced every day...it was always tough deciding what to blog. She could blog about her day trying to make menial tasks seems exciting and funny. "No...that's been done SO much. I need something NEW" she thought to herself, while twirling a strand of her around her finger. "Maybe about some deep spiritual lesson I've learned?" she asked herself. No...she just wasn't in the mood. She kept musing...She looked back on her day, was there a funny Shane ancedote she could share? Perhaps a Bible verse? Maybe an organizational tip? Hm....all of a suddne it came to her! "Of course!" she shouted excitedly! How had the idea not come to her before? "Yes, it's perfect..." she whispered excitedly under her breath as her fingers flew across the keyboard. She had finally decided to blog about her....RASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Webutante said...

Pam. so glad you tried the peroxide and water and saw positive benefits. Keep doing it several times a day and I think you'll see continued improvement.

When I have a sinus infection, I mix a similar solution or a bit milder and rinse my sinuses out with it...sometimes it smarts and makes my eyes water, but honestly, within a day, my sinues are so much better and then my energy comes back. So I keep HP in supply in my home and even take some in the car, as a disinfectant.

Keep us posted.

Lyndy said...

I know what you mean I tell more of my blog than I do to my in person friends.

Praying you have gotten some relief.

Hugs, Lyndy

Happymama said...

Glad to hear that things are "clearing up a bit." LOL