Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Tidbits

Hi All!
I spoke with Patti a couple of hours ago and it seems she may go home tomorrow. We were hoping it would be today but that didn't happen. They are weaning her off of the IVs and have fed her some solid foods. Let's pray she can keep them down. Some of her final words to me were "I just want my home!"

Yesterday was spent with hubby and Shane. Agustin was off so he took me to my appointment at my surgeon's office. It was a routine check up after my biopsy a few weeks ago. He wanted me to clearly understand that the needle core biopsy had not removed the entire lump but due to the results coming back benign, I had the choice of letting him go in and surgically remove the remaining lump, or just keeping a close watch on things until May, at which time I am scheduled for new mammograms. I chose the latter.

After the appointment, we went to Red Lobster for lunch, and then home to finish school with Shane. While Agustin took Shane to the park for soccer, I took a nice long nap!

Today has been productive, Yippee! Made 6 necessary phone calls, cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed entire house, taught 4 subjects to Shane, and now am in the process of grilling burgers and prepping for supper, so gotta run. I may post a bit after church tonight!


Mishel said...

I pray Patti will indeed be able to go home tomorrow.

And Red Lobster--yummy!! : )

Have a great evening!

Ashley said...

I hope she'll be able to go home! There's no better recovery than you get at home because it's where you're most comfortable. That's why we stay at home when we're sick and not in a sanitary bubble. LOL

WOOOO RED LOBSTER! You made me hungry!

Glad to see you at church tonight! Your hair looked fab btw! REALLY SHINY!! =D

Beach Girl said...

I will add her to my prayer list.


justabeachkat said...

Oh, I pray Patti gets to go home soon...there really is "no place like home".

I'm still so thankful your biopsy results were benign. Praise God.


Happymama said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with hubby and Shane yesterday. And I do love Red Lobster. We were just talking about their cheese biscuits last night.

Continuing to pray for Patti!


Rebecca said...

WOW! Busy, Busy. You go girl! That is great news about Patti.

Jackie said...

Sounds like you had a busy productive day. Please tell Pattie I'm praying for her next time you talk.

Liz said...

Pam, thanks for the comment you left me at the 'political' blog.

Sorry, I didn't see it sooner, because I just do some translations for the 'real' owner of the blog.

So, I erased it... for safety reasons, but kept it in my heart

I'm very happy that your dear friend is going home!!

Muchos saludos from Venezuela... (I miss Rita, she's been to long in NH, hehehe)

Lyndy said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well. Praying Patti gets to go home.

Red Lobster....yummy.

Hugs, Lyndy