Saturday, October 13, 2007


Four hours can make a big difference in someone's life. Below are 2 updates concerning Patti. They were written only 4 hours apart. Prayers please!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2007 04:16 PM, CDT
What a wonderful day, isn't it?
Our Patti is soooo much better! She has comeback to the world of the living, yeah, praise God!!!!
She slept last night, feels stronger, she is celebrating the fact that today she can eat yogurt, imagine that.....Her MRI does not show anything to be concerned about. The doctor believes that her continuos migraines are because the medicine she has been taking for so long, she needs to be off of it, he seems to think that the medicine instead of helping is the cause of the pain. He wants to take her off of it slowly and from today on she will be on preventitive medicine daily, I pray to God that this works so she wont have to suffer anymore, the second choice will be a head transplant, (I'm joking!)
Again, thank you for the love and the prayers, in 6 weeks she'll go through another journey, her surgery.
Keep on lifting her up in prayer until she reaches the goal line, what a happy day that will be!
God bless,
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2007 08:23 PM, CDT
Well, it was good while it lasted, so warriors, do your thing!
She had her yogurt and the migraine came back full force as well as her nausea. I called her a minute ago to see how she was doing and she was crying from the pain, she kept on saying how good she felt today and then this happened. She said she did not want for me to know so I would not worry, I told her that I need to know what to ask our Father when I pray for her.
She is concerned that people think she is whiney, well, SHE IS NOT! What Patti has been through and continues to go through is not easy. Being told that you have cancer, having a double mastectomy, that it is very hard to accept, in the middle of getting rid of the cancer she was told there is something else wrong with her, and this problem is a delicate problem that is making her suffer and loose tremendous amounts of weight, top it all with migraines. Have any of you ever have one of those? I've had 2 in my lifetime so far and I wanted to rip my head off from the umbearable pain.
Next month, surgery again! If God could just take those bad boys away, it would be so much easier on her. I told her that it was okay to cry, we are human beings with feelings, and when things get so bad, we cry out... Christ did, He cried, He moaned , He asked his Father why was He forsaking Him.... I think she is allowed to manifest her suffering.
I admire her so much, that smile that lights up the world no matter how worried she is, what a trooper! When my journey comes I want to be like her, she is such a testimony, you can see God in her, his strength, his peace, his love....
Well, keep on praying with all of your heart that the pain goes away and she can have a peaceful night.
God bless,


justabeachkat said...

I'm still praying for Patti. Bless her heart!

I'm not sure who Raisa is, but she sounds like a wonderful friend. Please let her know how much we bloggers appreciate her updates.


Rebecca said...

I wish I could take it all away from her.

Beemoosie said...

Hello dear Pam! Patti is in my prayers. Praying all is well with you and yours too!

Pat said...

Praying for Patti!! I hope they discover the cause for the know I suffer and amd blessed that after 45 years of debilitating pain---sometimes for days on end, I only have them occasionally....Of course, I avoid trigger foods, artificial sweetner, MSG...etc.

However, Patti is sooo much worse than I ....she has ENDURED THROugh THE GRACE OF GOD more than most of us would have been able....Yep, we probably would have whined!!

We all can do that on her behalf!!

Thanks for keeping us informed of her needs!!

Abouna said...

Pam, I have suffered a great part of my life from migraine headaches, so I have a lot a sympathy for those that are going through them. My prayers are with Patti. She certainly is one brave woman.

Missy said...

Connie & I went to see her yesterday during visitation and she was such a joy to talk with. She sang a few bars of two of the songs in her MP3 player the she said that she felt they were written exactly for her during this time. One was Faces which was written by Rodney Griffin (Greater Vision). We went to bless her and ended up with the best blessing ever.

Still praying...

Lyndy said...

Praying for Patti. Bless her heart what a time she has had of it.

Praying things are going well for you too my sweet friend.

Hugs, Lyndy

Baptist Girl said...

My prayers are lifted up for you patti. You have a right to cry, you are in pain, do not ever think you are whinning! Migraines can be very painful, mostly when they won't go away. My thoughts are with you dear lady.


Webutante said...

God bless your dear friend, Patti, and you for your wonderful support, Pam