Monday, October 15, 2007

Good News About Patti

What a wonderful day we had to day! Hubby didn't have to work so it was nice having him around, even if he was so engrossed in the Buc's game that he was oblivious to everything else happening around him! He did put on a big pot of his homemade chicken soup before the game started. It turned out yummy! Oh and the game turned out pretty good as well - our Buccaneers won!!

It was nice being in the Lord's house today. Shane had his program for Patch tonight. His group had two beautiful songs they performed after reciting their scriptures. The 2nd song was a little more difficult than other songs they have learned. It was a combination of "Amazing Grace" tied in with "Grace, Grace, God's Grace". Shane had told me Wednesday night after Patch Club that Jon Yates, our music director, had come into their classroom to work with them on their music because one of the songs they would be performing Sunday night was *quite sophisticated"!! (Shane's words!)

If you have time to read the update on Patti below, I think you will receive a blessing. Our prayers are working, but all in God's time. It is my nature to want to just "fix" her and have it all be over and better for Patti. As I look at her life, I realize how God has been prepping her for this *interruption* for some time now. She has been awesome through this time of trials. My dad stopped by the hospital to visit with her Friday evening and said he left there so encouraged and blessed by her! Her spirit was so sweet, no bitterness there! Isn't that awesome!
Love you guys and thanks for leaving all the wonderful, loving comments for both Patti and I! Have a great week!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2007 09:03 PM, CDT

Hi everyone!

Well, prayers are definitely working for our Patti. Her Oncologist told her he has never seen a person with migraines as bad and as often as hers. He started her on Ativan, she was taking this nausea medicine with her Chemo, if the Hospital would have checked her records they would have realized she needed it, a half an hour after she took it, her migraine and nausea were gone, praise God! She also started on the preventative medicine for her migraines.

She had a rough evening and morning until she took that medicine, then she had peace and great relief. She was able to eat grits and mashed potatoes, she said it felt like a Thanksgiving Meal, the hunger part is now gone, if the food agrees with her, she would be able to eat that and a liquid diet until her November surgery. Last night while she was in such pain told me "When I get well, I'm going to eat my way back to a size 14!) Here she is after working so hard to loose weight, they are feeding her from a fat bag, all they had to do was connect the tube directly from me to her and she wouldn't have to see it drain!

Okay, no more jokes, let's just be thankful that she feels better and that your prayers are being heard, but remember, keep on lifting her up in prayer until she is completely recovered from her upcoming surgery. She wont be going home tomorrow, they are keeping her for a couple of days more.

God bless you and keep you,


justabeachkat said...

I'm so happy your day was good and things are improving for Patti. Yeah!

God is sooo good.


Pat said...

Glad Augustine got to share the Lord's day with you----

Shane is a cutie!!

Glad to hear Patti is doing better---she sure has a sweet spirit!God uses her in her trials to encourage others!! Tell Raisa to let her know people around the world are praying for her!!

God bless you mightily today, my friend!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Glad to her that Patti is doing better!

Chicken noodle soup sounds is cold and drizzly here today...a perfect day for some soup.

Happymama said...

I wish you could have video taped the Patch singing. I would have enjoyed that! ;)

I'm so glad to hear of how good Patti is doing at this time. She's been through so much.


Ashley said...

Aww I'm glad Uncle Agustin got a day off! He doesn't get those too often! SOUP!?!? He cooked on his day off? LOL CRAY-SEE MAN! I bet it was delish though, knowing his cooking skills! ;)

I am so glad Patti is doing better! But it's not over yet, so I'm going to make sure I keep praying for her!

Wish I had soup...LOL I have to be on a liquid/soft diet for a while....irk. * pouts *

Mishel said...

This *is* such good news!! I have been thinking about and praying for Patti.

And thank you friend, for praying for me and my mama these past few weeks. I sure appreciate it! I thought about you often, because I was so close (in AL), but far! : (

Many hugs and much love to you!!! : )

Daughter of the King said...

Still praying for YOUR Patti...thanks for all the updates, Pam

Tiany said...

I am so happy hear that Patti is feeling better. My heart goes out to her.

Glad you had a blessed day too!