Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've Missed You All!

I know, I know! It has been almost an entire week since I have posted anything new. And we all know that just isn't my normal method of operation, don't we??

What can I say except that things have been super busy around here! Shane's schooling is going full steam ahead. He is enjoying fourth grade and doing so well. I just love teaching that kid! He blesses my heart each and every day.

Agustin and I have had some business details to deal with and that seems to be taking up alot more of my time than I would like.

I've had some fun outings over the weekend. Friday night, we met my brother, John, at Red Lobster for dinner, then went home with him to play Monopoly. Shane is really into that game right now. With all the math skills involved, I am doing all I can to keep him interested in it too.

My eldest son hadn't left the house for his dinner appointment yet, so we had a short while to visit together. He looked good and seemed pretty excited about branching out on his own to do a side job of installing wood floors with a friend on Saturday. He works a regular job with his Uncle John in consturction/carpentry; always under the supervision of his Uncle. This flooring job was something completely on his own. I'm happy for him!

Saturday was laundry and shopping for groceries and supplies. I usually do my grocery shopping during the week, (less people=less stress) but got thrown off my normal schedule this past week. Why do people dare go to any Walmart on Saturday? I hope I remember to NOT do that again! Whew! Saturday evening was used to prepare for church the next day. I like to iron and lay out all of our clothes on Saturday night so things will be less hectic on Sunday morning.

After church Sunday morning, Shane went home with our friend Mike and his daughter Alex, while Kim, Ashley, and I went to lunch at Olive Garden, then to the mall. I had given Ashley a gift certificate from Dillard's for her 18th birthday a few weeks ago. I felt honored she invited me to go with her and her mom to spend it! Now I must stop here and exclaim : I had two boys, no daughters! Going shopping with an animated drama queen can prove quite entertaining! I was awe struck at how different Kim's life has been from mine. She has reared/is rearing 3 beautiful girls. I have 2 handsome boys. Shopping just isn't the same with boys as it is with girls! I had such a good time listening to Ashley and her mom interact with one another and watching her model all the clothes that were picked out by her mom and I. She settled on something that I think she picked out for herself. It was a beautiful skirt and blouse which will work great for college next year. I was also introduced to a store for "little people", and by that I mean, girls much smaller than myself. I was in stores I never dared to enter before! NOTHING in that store would fit even my big toe! Good Gravy!

Oh and before leaving the mall, we three gals just had to take a walk in Saks Fifth Avenue. No, we didn't purchase anything there, but it was fun oohing and ahhing and touching!!

After the mall, we stopped in at Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Shop! My first time there! Oh my goodness! I will be going back!!

Monday my mom called to share some great news with me. She was able to lead a dear lady to Christ during the Sunday morning invitation at their church.

I've received two important emails today from two of my dearest friends in the world. One is a big "PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER" email. The second is a big "REQUEST FOR MORE PRAYER" email from dear Patti. I will post them here for all to read.
Praise E-Mail from Kim: (concerning her daughter who is a voice major at Pensacola Christian College)

Amber called and after seeing the ENT in Pensacola, having her throat scoped, he reported to her that her vocal nodules are gone!!! She still needs to be evaluated for speech therapy to prevent further damage, but what an answer to prayer!!!
The Lord knew she really needed good news.

Prayer Request Email from Patti: (having just completed her chemo treatments but enduring others health issues)

MONDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2007 01:12 PM, CDT
Dear friends and family,

Just a note to let you know that I am on the way to St. Joe's to be admitted to put the drain back in my stomach. The catscan from last week shows that the abcess is back in the same place, and when I saw the surgeon this morning, she said it's not something to wait around on because it could perforate the colon.

Hopefully the drain can be put in today, if not, Tuesday morning, depending on their schdeule. I don't know how long I'll be in. The doctor is going to put me back on IV antibiotics and then we'll see in a few days I guess.

She said I may need the drain until we can do the colon surgery, sometime mid November.

I'll be glad to get relief from the stomach discomfort. It's just another bump in the road. I know that the Lord has it all under control.

Have I thanked you recently for your journal comments? They mean so much for me to look on here and see a note from you.

Thank you, thank you for your prayers!!



"Many things about tomorrow

I don't seem to understand;

But I know Who holds tomorrow,

And I know Who holds my hand."


Penless Thoughts said...

Your life sounds as busy as mine!!!
I use to think as I got older things would slow down. NOT.....yet another myth blown up!!

Pat said...

Amber must believe in miracles!!

Also, Patti remains in our prayers!!

You must have had a ball shopping!!We girls love to just "look" when we shop....spend lots of time laughing!!

Julie's Jewels said...

You sure have been busy!! I've been wondering about you but was gonna wait another day or so before I emailed you to check on you. I'm glad all is well your way. Thank you for the updates on Patti. I'm praying for her as she goes through this difficult time. God is definitely our strength in times of weakness and physical duress. Love you girl!!!

Lyndy said...

I know what you mean about busy. It has been over a week since I posted myself. I have good intentions everyday but then the day gets away from me.

Sounds like you have been having some good times along with your busyness and that is great. I am sure you had a great time shopping with the girls.

Will be praying for your friends. Poor Patti sure has had a time of it.

Praying for you too my sweet friend.

Hugs, Lyndy

jennifer said...

bUSY, but I missed you:)

Ashley said...

HEEEHEE I know! I am a CRAY-SEE SHOPPER! Your sons came to know this on vacation when I squealed everytime I saw something CUTE!! Anything with hearts I point and squeak at! LOL I LOVE HEARTS! (as you know!) And i know that experience in the first store we went in was TOTALLY different from your experience with your sons! ROTFL!!