Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm a Proud Mama!

I just saw photos of a home my son has been working on with his Uncle John and Cousin Josh. I'd love to show off their work, so please click here to visit Missy's blog and see the pretty red door and porch my son painted! They also installed the new railing on the porch, removed a weird sidewalk, laid sod, and defined a better foot path to the pretty red front door, installed a storm door, installed new floors throughout the home (almost), and built a cute back porch with railing. Plans are to update the kitchen in December. Missy spoiled them by baking brownies about every other day and breakfast quite often of sausage, eggs, biscuits. It was quite the talk of the community!

I'm so happy my friend Missy was able to get her home updated and have something special to enjoy. She recently lost her dad and saw her daughter off to college, is now enrolled in courses to finish her business degree, and is very active in her church. Way to go Missy - You so deserve this!

This house is only about 10 homes down the street from where my son lives, so the joke Missy ends with about the commute is supposed to be funny. Click here to see what I mean!

I know I shared with some of you about a certain project I am working on this month. Just a reminder --- if you want to be involved, the dead line is Nov. 16. That is only 20 days out! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks!


Happymama said...

You have every right to be a proud mama. :)

He did GREAT!


Mishel said...

I'd be proud too! And I was thinking they need to come to CA so they can finish my house! LOL : )

Grace Bowden said...

ok pam I am leaving a comment now. Mom sent pictures of the house. It look so good I cant wait to see the house. ttyl bye

Liz said...

Pam, if I lived in Tampa I'd hire your son for a couple of thingys that need a fix around my kitchen.

No brownies though... maybe some venezuelan desserts

Ashley said...

Yep! They did a good job! Josh is a very hard worker. You should be proud!

Haha, our house ALWAYS has stuff to's never in one piece.

Pat said...

You should be proud....
The Lord brought Josh to mind early thia AM...I was thinking how proud you must be and how he has grown!!

Missy must be soo thankful to see progress on her home!!

Thanks for posting!!

justabeachkat said...

I took a look and I can see why you're so proud. I know she's thrilled.


Anonymous said...

I love red doors! I've always wanted a red door and did paint one of my doors red which was disastrous and repainted it white! :o( Anyway, love the red door!

jennifer said...

I updated the post(lots for less) with recipes, so you can see how I make the crazy meals:)
and I have not done the email thing yet...($$) but will asap...

Take care:))