Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cleanse my soul O Lord, I beseech thee, from whatever is offensive to thee,

and hurtful to me, and give me what is convenient for me.

Watch over me this night, and give me comfortable and sweet sleep to fit me for the service of the day following.

Let my soul watch for the coming of the Lord Jesus; let my bed put me in mind of my grave, and my rising from there of my last resurrection;

O heavenly Father, so frame this heart of mine, that I may ever delight to live according to thy will and command, in holiness and righteousness before thee all the days of my life.

—George Washington, Wednesday Evening Prayer from his daily prayer journal


Tiany said...

Wonderful post, wonderful reminder, wonderful prayer!!!

Happy Happy Anniversary too, you are a blessing to the blogging community!

Pat said...

Great post....and a reminder that our forefathers (the great George Wahington in particular!!)...served and honored the living God....our Lord and Saviour.

And, it is only through His grace and mercy that we are not consumed.

Anonymous said...

May He always be our heart's desire. Thanks for sharing this!

Missy said...

Great post! I finally posted too. And I am not just lurking on your blog either. Check out the pictures of the house. They did a wonderful job. Still don't have pictures of the steps on the back of the house but will post them later.

Abouna said...

Fantastic post and reminder that our founding Fathers had an abiding faith in Almighty God.

Hope the Leftist Liberal Loons don't come looking for you for posting this.

jennifer said...

Excellent Post Pam!!!!

I love that even though many try to deny it, our forefathers faith rang loud and clear!