Thursday, April 26, 2007

Would I Survive In The Jungle?

I saw this quiz over at my sister's blog (Jungle Mom) and just had to do it!
Your result
You scored 14 out of 30
To others you seem to be a confident, fearless person who could easily cope with all the hazards and discomfort that time spent in the jungle might throw at them. The trouble is that while you put on a bold front, on occasion you are quaking inside. This could have you find yourself in dangerous situations that you are unable to handle. Don't be afraid to admit to being frightened at times, as other people will respect you for it.


Pat said...


jennifer said...

I failed due to my overly huge fear of snakes... so I will not post this quiz either.

I was obsessive in my cleanliness and refused to allow the world to see that quiz results either!

Findings: Jen can't handle feedback:)!!!

Jackie said...

"you put on a bold front." Who is this talking about????? Not the aunt Pam I know. :)

Just Theresa said...

Mine was 20 out of 30, I took this at Jungle Mom's blog :) I guess that means I would survive in the jungle lol

Happymama said...

I'll have to get over there and do this one....I already know the answer, LOL...but I'll take it anyway. :)


Yekwana Man said...

14 out of most quizzes I took in school that would be considered a failing grade. Come on Pam I know you can do better than that