Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Link to Video of Roger Bennett's Memorial Service

I know a few of you who read my blog may be interested in the link below, so I thought I would post it today. I watched the entire service. It was wonderful!

Quoted from an article by Singing news editor Danny Jones:

"The 2 p.m. service at Brentwood Baptist Church began slightly late, as church technicians were scrambling to get the on-line streaming service back up and running. Just a few minutes prior, over 50,000 hits were registered within the span of one second--a load that was just too great at that point.

"Even with many people working feverishly to restore webservers, there were many who were unable to access the streaming video of Roger Bennett's Memorial Service on March21, 2007. The family has made the service available for On-Demand Viewing. You can get to the streaming feed byclicking on the link below. With some email programs, you may have to copy and paste the entire link into your webbrowser.



Mrs.B. said...

Hi Pam!

I just wanted to pop over and say a quick 'hello'! I hope you're doing well! (o:


Jungle Mom said...

I will watch this but not yet.

Lyndy said...

Thanks for the link Pam. I will be passing this on for my Mother to see as well, as she was a big fan of his.

Mishel said...

Thanks for posting the link, Pam. We are going to see GVB and EH&SS at the end of the month (I may have already mentioned that to you--if so, sorry!LOL).

Missy said...

My daddy never got to see the Cathedrals live, just the clips when they were on the Gaithers...
Now, he's in heaven with George, Glen and Roger. Imagine what he gets to see and hear.

My daddy really liked Anthony Burger, too.

Do you imagine that Anthony and Roger are having a friendly little piano contest?

Karen said...

Hi Pam!
I just came over to respond here as I didn't know if you'd be back at my site tonight.
Yes, those are my mother's hands! I, too, am fascinated with things like this. I have a picture of my mom's, mine, and my daughter's hands that I plan to do a post on someday.

I've always loved the Cathedrals, too. I can remember getting ready for church, and my mom would have them on. Good memories.

jennifer said...

I added you to my blog roll, I also have your sister, you both are so bubbly and fun.