Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've been contemplating on a few things since the terrible massacre at Virginia Tech. I have had so many things I've wanted to say and express, but the right words just weren't coming to me. I was so thankful to find a link to an excellent article about this over at my sister's blog today! It articulates exactly what I have been wanting to say.

For example, Geraldo, on Fox News, claimed we need to protect our children. Hold on! Young adults the same age as these college students are fighting for our freedom, you know, IN WAR! We don't really consider them children now do we? How many of those who want to now start calling college students children in need of protection, are all for murdering other children right in their mommy's womb!? What a double standard!

Dennis Miller made an excellent point while on the O'Reilly Factor last night. I can't remember his exact words to quote him, but the main thought he was putting forth was that we have become a nation of coddled wimps! We now have a generation of "men", if I may use that word loosely, who don't realize real danger when they are confronted with it. So many violent games, songs, and movies have numbed so many young people, that now they just sit back and watch as a real case scenario of violence plays out in front of them! Mr. Miller said we have neutered our kids to a point where they are no longer capable of judging good from bad, even when it is staring them in the face! He also pointed out that since we have created such a "non-judgemental" and "politically correct" state of mind for everyone, many can't judge situations for what they truly are.

My sister, Jungle Mom and I, had a great conversation about all this. We threw our sons into the mix, discussing how this shooter had free reign in classroom after classroom that day. We just can't imagine our boys sitting there or cowering behind a desk. One young man I saw interviewed on T.V. by Katie Couric, spoke to the fact that the gunman reloaded his gun and then continued shooting. What did the ADULT students do during that time? Evidently they continued cowering behind the desk they had tipped over!! GIVE ME A BREAK! Rita and I think our two Joshes would have rushed the guy or thrown a book at him to distract him, knowing they were taking a risk, but yet doing the RIGHT thing and thinking FOR themselves. Case in point, I asked my Josh what he would have done had he been in one of those classrooms that day. He said, " I would have done my best to stop the jerk! If a couple of students had thrown things at the guy or rushed him, a few of those lives could have been saved!" I agree Josh! He was actually taken aback when I told him the guy witnessed the gunman reloading!
"What? They let the jerk have time to reload?"

Rita asked her daughter Jewel the same question, and got pretty much the same response from her.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Please read the article from the link below. Thank you for listening!


jennifer said...

I posed the same question to my kids and all(being former cop kids) responded like your kids.
They are babies to be coddled today, but baby killers to the likes of John Kerry...go figure

Ashley said...

Wow...that is so true, so many things could have been prevented if only our young "men" could've plucked up the courage, no I dont blame them for what happened...but think what might have been prevented if they would have moved into action!

HAHA That sounds like Josh, alright! I'll give him due credit for being very brave, me, myself...I'm skiddish! LOL


I just can't get over how much we think alike. It is so refresing to know that the world hasn't gone totally crazy and lost all thought of fighting for life, not just sit back and taking what some person choses to give you whether you want it or not. I love the poem Jungle Mom had on her blog , I believe it was yesterday. it was called The old Paths, Oh, how I wish I had not of taken them for granted. I miss them for the world who has never known them. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

Amen! Pam, this is really concerning me for our future.

Pat said...

Amen!! What happened to our heroes standing up to save lives at home when one demented person decides everyone should bow to his desires to seek and destroy!!

Even the girls could have trhown cell phones at him (mine know how to tackle and hit!!LOL)

Sad times we live in where we are not in tune to the world about us and ignore anything that is out of the ordinary!! SPEAK UP AMERICA---and the same goes for CHRISTIANS---jsut as we heard last nite at church!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sherry said...

There are wayyy too many people concerned about the riches of this world. What kind of house, furniture, cars, clothes, money, cell phones, etc... However, Jesus says "lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth..." "But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven..."

BrittLeigh said...

You do bring out some interesting points, Pam! And when I think about it, I know my brother would've jumped right in front of the gun, loaded or unloaded even if he knew he would get himself killed in an attempt to save the lives of those present (that's what scares me about him being in the army!!! :))

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Abouna said...

Pam; What I am going to say may disturb some people, but so be it.

All of what has been stated is true, and we can thank the schools that have sissified our children to no end, to make them afraid of everything in life. Don't let your boys play with toy guns or play cowboys and Indians, because that will make them grow up violent. Don't let your kids play Dodge Ball because they will get hurt. Don't let you kids play Tag, because if they get Tagged and become "IT" it will hurt their tender egos. Teach them to remain silent instead of speaking out against evil or immorality because if they do speak out it will hurt someone's feelings or offend someone, but teach them to "Rat" on their classmates if they see the classmate with a fingernail file or a bottle of asprin.

If a child in school or an adult at work should speakout against homosexuality, they are made to undergo "sensitivity training", just a fancy word for "re-education" used by the Communists (brain washing).

Cram our children's and grandchildren's heads with all of "earth day" garbage so that they will treat the spotted owl, baby seal, whales, trees, plants, etc, with love and tenderness, but it is ok to slaughter their own unborn innocents by the millions and it is ok to "pull the plug" on grandma or withhold food and water from poor old comatose Uncle Joe.

In school and at home, it has become the "in" thing to teach children not to raise a hand to defend themselves because it is so much better to talk to those who are attacking you and "negotiate" with them.

Let go and see ever more violent and bloody movies or video games, every few months they get progressively more violent and bloody until our kids have been so numbed that violence of any kind no longer appears real, and they no longer react with the innate instinct to defend themselves, in other words they lose the natural instinct of "flight or fight".

send them to our public schools so that their teachers can tell them to report their parents or other relatives who molest them, and then their teachers molest them.

Oh yes, the schools have destroyed much of the natural agressiveness from our children and have turned them into whimps you will fight for absolutely nothing not for their country, not for their family and not even for themselves, but there is also another institution who shares a large part of the blame, and that is the Church, or at least most Churches which have for years now, portrayed Jesus Christ as an effeminate whinp. A gentle little sissy that wouldn't raise a hand to anyone. So many Churches have been teaching their congregations, for years now that it is Wrong, even a sin to go to war or to defend one's self in a fight. While we are being shot at, beaten or herded in slaughter camps, just join hands with your attackers and sing "Kumbya" on our way to the slaughterhouse, because that is the "Christian Way".

Well, NOT ME and certainly NOT MY SONS. My four sons are the sweetest and gentlest men you would ever want to meet, but if any one ever attacks them or anyone they love, I can guarentee that the attacker will rue the day they evercame upon them. They will send the attacker to God and let Him handle them.

Jackie said...

I completly agree. When I first heard of the shooting I turned to Brian and asked..."HOW on earth does ONE guy kill 30+ people with two handguns???" I'm not known as a tough person, but I can throw a book, or scream, or knock a desk over, toss a laptop, lunge at him...etc. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Pam said...

You're right Jackie, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, just an economist!!

Janie said...

Amen, amen!!! WONDERFUL post! I quite agree. I think my 10 year old would have rushed the guy while he was trying to re-load. I don't get least someone could have tried. The article is great, too. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Good for you Pam for posting this. You are so right. My brothers and husband would never have allowed that guy to reload. He'd have been on the floor. It's so nice to know that there are others out there that don't agree with this non-judgemental, politically correct portion of society that apparently runs the news and at least part of the government.

Tina said...

I loved abouna's comment and your post. I have 4 boys. They regularly talk about how if anyone messed with their sister (she is 6 months old), they would be dead meat. They are no sissy wimps, I can tell you that! I am completely confident that at least 2 of them would not have cowered behind a desk while they watched some guy reload his gun. Unbelievable.

I too was thinking about the 911 heroes from that 1 plane that didn't let those evil men win.

Anonymous said...

You have drawn a great many conclusions about the maturity and courage of the victims of this senseless crime. I lack the righteous insight you and the other commenters demonstrate.

My first thought was that I hoped that the wounded and those who love or loved the victims will never read these callous comments. But then I thought these poor people have already been so wounded by the fervent judgment of the perpetrator that your words couldn't possibly cause them further pain.

For me this raises other troubling questions.

We may never know how exactly how many died challenging the shooter. Some certainly did.

Likewise, we may never how many died praying to their God to save themselves and their peers from the wrathful, messianic rage the shooter.

We may never know why our merciful God allowed this rank weed to ripen and bare such a bitter fruit in bosom of a God-fearing family and congregation.

Happymama said...

Although I agree with you about college students not being children....I do tend to go back to the root of the problem. The gunman was in need of one thing....Jesus Christ. He was someone's little one time. What was he taught in the home? Was the name of Jesus ever mentioned? Did he ever have a Sunday School teacher or a bus ministry director sit him on their knee and tell him about the love of God? What was the liberal judge thinking when she allowed him to exit a mental asylum? I feel angry at the thought of what happened. And very sad at the lives, no, the souls, that were lost because of it.


Pam said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I know most of you and realize you care about the hurt and loss which also came with this hanneous act. However, that was not the subject of this particular post.

Anonymous: I too have cried and prayed for those who lost loved ones due to this evil act. I also acknowledge that some of the young poeple did brace doors and others may have tried to fight back. However, the young men I heard interviewed spoke only of how they simply cowered behind desks, and they themselves wathed the gunman reload. That is what brought on this post.

Happymama" You hit the nail on the head! Cho could have been loved and mentored by a caring Christian who could have introduced him to the Savior. Maybe some tried. What a different life he could have had! I feel what happened to him has become a tragedy that plays out too often in our "used to be" Christian nation.

Sarah Joy said...

I hope it's not too late to make a comment. I believe one of the reasons we have vicous evil young men in our society is because they are not encouraged to express their natural agression. They are told it is wrong to feel, and it comes out in extremely evil behaviour like this, or preying on the weak and vulnerable to make them feel strong. Men have a warrior heart-and it should not be repressed.

Not that it gives the women a pass-I'm not lining up by a wall for someone who is just shooting everyone-did they think he would let them go if they obeyed? People don't understand evil, and they don't know how to die for what is good any more.

I agree with what you have said. It is heartbreaking, but true.