Friday, April 27, 2007

LOSERS-By Oliver North


If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is right, nearly 60 percent of Americans agree with him that the war in Iraq is already lost. And if he is correct in saying that losing the war will increase Democrat majorities in future elections, then it may be fair to conclude that Americans now love losers. I'm not buying any of it -- and neither are the troops who are fighting this war. In the days since Reid announced "this war is lost," I have heard from dozens of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines.

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PortraitofPeter said...

With a politician like 'REID' - who needs enemies!!

We all need to show support to our brave military personnel serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan and to say how Proud we are too.

Thanks for sharing the post.

Jungle Mom said...

I agree with Peter! We have met the enemy and it is US!!!

Pat said...

Just listen to any slanted news cast and you hear fallout from the politicians!! You never see the soldiers themselves interviewed, nor do you see any positive news coming out of Iraq/Afghanistan...
what happened to the birds eyeview observer who knows EXACTLY what is going on??

They care not....their safe little world that we finance makes them an expert on virtually little!!

Abbey said...

This from the traitor [North] who lied to congress, helped arm Iran and undermined democracy throughout central America - he is banned from Costa Rica because of history of drug running.

Regarding Iraq, North also stated "President Bush's plan to for 20,000 additional ground troops in Iraq as part of a "surge" plan "sounds eerily like Lyndon Johnson’s plan to save Vietnam in the 60s by gradual escalation as a way not to lose." He further stated that none of the troops in Iraq whom he had spoken with thought a surge was a good idea"

Regarding the funding bill, Congress is simply taking the keys away from the drunk driver.

jennifer said...

Dear Abby , I read your comment and thought that I would offer some thoughts.

If Oliver North is a liar/traitor for lying to Congress...What is Bill Clinton?

If Oliver North armed Iran, what did Nancy Pelosi do by wearing a headcover in the middle east?(in regards to the absolute suppression of women)

In regards to sounding like Vietnam...based on what information? John Kerry who is still a senator, lied to congress about the war and compromised our troops. We never lost a major conflict in Vietnam, nor have we in Iraq. In fact if you would please do some fact checking, we lost more soldiers every month during the Clinton Administration than during Bush and this war.

Is treason something that you and those on the left want to begin addressing? I would love for this to be assessed. I would first bring Sandy Berger up on charges for the theft of documents that would have permitted the american public to know how much the clinton administration knew prior to 9-11.
Nancy Pelosi would be next for meeting with a country that we recognize as a terrorist state.

And if the left brought in the personal life of Mark Foley why was president clinton's life deemed personal and not impacting of his position( remember all were legal adults)

Finally if the Left seems to think that this war is a lie and a sham, I suggest that they move to Iran where in the last few weeks several thousand women have been arrested for not having their hair covered or not enough, wearing too tight of clothes and disrespecting the manners of dress for women. Oh and monthly the homosexuals are hung in the town squares. The lest yells intolerance for the right in the US, but I haven't ever wished for a public hanging for one that is gay.

I suggest one solution... begin to read american history written prior to the 1930's and study why one must protect our national interest(people) in other places...others hate for the very reason of hate and religions are not the same. Christianity loves Islam Kills infadels, Christians and Jews.

I am praying for you and your misguided information, and I truly appreciate that you have the freedom to voice any opinion here...unlike those that were under Saddam.

Abbey said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'll let someone from "the left" respond to your pissing contest invitation.

If you're happy with your elected officials, that's great. I don't like Bill Clinton either...does that mean I should like Oliver North?

You sound like a real team player. I'm not. I'm one of those swing voters and as often as not, I plug my nose and vote for the candidates who least offend my sensibilities.

You hate "the left" and "the democrats"..I get it. But is your world so black and white that you are unwilling to critically evaluate the folks on the is there anything the current administration could to that would cause you to question their management of the 911 wars?

I'll take some time to consider your assertion that "Christianity loves" and "Islam Kills". On first reading, it would seem to be about as fair and complete a characterization as saying "Christianity molests alter boys" and "Islam esteems Greek philosophy".

All of this sounds like superficial [dumb] sloganeering to me.


Anonymous said...

I think....Oliver North is a Loser. And...will always be. Deep down....he knows the truth...and he is not a true American. I think he and Rudy Ghouliani are cut from the same cloth. Disgusting....and they know it. America knows it. I don't give these two scuzzers the time of day.