Monday, April 30, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I realize not every one should home school. I also realize it is the best option for my family and goes hand in hand with my convictions about numerous things. I believe most problems in public school could be banished if we would use God's Word as our standard and authority. When will Americans learn that just throwing money into the system doesn't fix it! Also, if all parents could get on board 100% and be "hands-on" with their own children, what a difference we could see!

I have aunts, uncles, cousins who teach in public school and do phenomenal jobs! They have all my respect! I know they truly care for their students and become heartbroken over certain cases. I realize their jobs are not easy and have gotten more complicated over the years due to bureaucracies and political correctness.

I also attended public school Kindergarten through 5th grade. I remember with fondness certain teachers who were very kind and encouraging, but I also have many negative memories! I can remember crying for certain children who were labeled and picked on. I also remember feeling so lost at times. I happened to be a well behaved child (believe it or not!) and many times I seemed to have been looked over or neglected. I can remember days of craving a kind word or a moment of time, just an ounce of encouragement from my very busy teacher.

Something in my last post and in the comments left for me caused me to take a walk down memory lane. Let's see if I can name my teachers!

Kindergarten, Mrs. Hiss (I remember she had a fairy's wand that was all sparkly,which she would use to tap us after nap time, thus giving us permission to get up and put away our blankets.)

First Grade, Mrs. Groble (I remember making hand prints out or plaster of paris in her class.)

Second Grade, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Bradfield (I started the year at Toddy Thomas Elementary school with Mrs. Moore as my teacher. I can't really remember her since I don't have a class photo. After first quarter, we moved and I was required to change schools. I started attending South Fortuna Elementary. I don't remember who my teacher was there the first few days, but that she fell ill and Mrs. Bradfield took her place and made a lasting impression on me.)

Third Grade, Mrs. Potter, (I remember her reading "Charlotte's Web" to us. Oh how I loved it!)

Fourth Grade, Mrs. Harrell, (I don't have good vibes here! I think possibly because this was the year we moved from a small town in California, to a good sized city in South Carolina. My grades went down hill this year! Everything in my life had been turned topsy turvey and I was afraid of the big city school. Unfortunately, I never felt like this teacher tried to get to know me.)

Fifth Grade, ??? (I'm clueless here! I think we still lived in Greenville, S.C. I don't have anything about this teacher or year in my scrapbook!)

Sixth Grade, Mr. Young - homeroom and Bible teacher (He was also the youth director at my church, Faith Baptist.) I began attending Boulevard Christian School in Greenville, S.C. I remember loving the small classes and we all felt like family.

Seventh -Eighth Grades, various teachers, (continued at Boulevard Christian School.)

Ninth Grade, various teachers, (my favorite this year had to be my Bible History teacher, Mr. Hughes.)

Tenth Grade, various teachers, (We had moved from S.C. to Florida. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Carter were two of my faves as I attended, for the first time in years, a public school, DeSoto County High School, Arcadia, FL. We were in a small town with no Christian school within reasonable driving distance. Home schooling was unheard of, unless you were a missionary on a foreign field!)

Eleventh & Twelfth Grades, Mrs. Beeson, Pastor Shook, Pleasant View Welcome Christian School in Travelers Rest, S. C. We had moved once again. (This is normal when your parents are in full time ministry!) I was so happy to be in a Christian environment daily and a small family style school!

But my all time favorite teacher was Mrs. Bradfield-2nd grade. I had started the year at Toddy Thomas Elementary, but we moved and as I said, I was required to change schools. I don't recall who my teacher was the first week or so at my new school, as she became ill right after my arrival. (HMM, now that is food for thought! LOL) Her replacement was Mrs. Bradfield. I seem to remember more about her than I do any of my other elementary teachers. I remember Mrs. Bradfield's kindness in helping me assimilate to a new school. She seemed to spend extra time with me and even now after all these years, I remember her kind words to me and the many smiles and pats on my shoulder. I remember looking forward to seeing her each day! Perhaps she was so in tune with me due to her own mis-givings of being thrust into a new classroom full of tiny strangers! I do remember hearing the news that my original teacher couldn't return to teach due to illness, and I HATED it. My security at the new school seemed to be slipping away, but Mrs. Bradfield helped me get over that feeling in short order!

Looking back on all of our moves, I realize that home schooling would have been so much better for me! I wouldn't have had to adjust to new teachers and their styles or a new curricula at every turn. My "teachers and curriculum" would have moved right along with us. I know my parents did the best they could. The years we were able to be enrolled in Christian schools were only possible because my dear Mom would work in those schools! Most years, she drove one of the school buses and worked in the library between morning and afternoon routes. She was willing to fill in wherever needed, the school office or day care. Sometimes, I would get a warm surprise when I would go through the cafeteria line and there would be my mom, filling my plate while substituting for a sick employee!

Many thanks for taking this walk with me down memory lane!


Jungle Mom said...

Oh Pam, I have to try and remember so many! I too wish home schooling was more common back then as most of my schooling seems to have been adapting to NEW things and places. Somehow we did learn though! I am thankful most of my schooling was in Christian schools.

Lyndy said...

I believe most problems in public school could be banished if we would use God's Word as our standard and authority.

Amen! I am not a parent but I fully agree with you. I have many friends that are teachers and they are excellent but their hands are tied by the government by only being able to do so much.

Hope you are having a good week.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Momma Roar said...

This was fun to travel down memory lane with you. It makes me reflect on all my teachers who influenced me! Sweet post!

PortraitofPeter said...

Your wonderful walk down memory lane left me - speechless (although given my health state at the moment - I am anyways).

I so enjoyed your posting and I can only remember one headmaster (Mr Trotter when at primary - a wonderful gentleman)and just wish I could remember more as I have fond memories of a teacher as she visited me every day during lunch break (as I was at home with a broken leg when I was 6 yrs of age).

Must admit I so wish that homeschooling had been around as we had moved several times and always difficult adjusting.

Thanks for sharing.

jennifer said...

How neat! I had one favorite teacher, Ms. Leachman, my first grade teacher. I loved her, and she loved every single student.
When I was in 8th grade she died of cancer, and many of us burst into tears hearing the news.
This was very fun!

groovyoldlady said...

My single mom worked three jobs at times to make ends meet, so homeschooling wouldn't have been an option for her.

But I remember how much it hurt when she had to work instead of being there to help me plan my talent show and pageant acts. And she never went beyond 6th grade, so she never felt adequate to even help me make my academic choices in high school.

I think that's part of the motivation for me to homeschool. I want to BE there for my kids! God has graciously provided for us so I can stay home. We've had some lean times, but we've never gone hungry and my kids flourished/flourish. I wouldn't have it any other way!