Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who Do You Believe In?

I trust you are having a wonderful Sunday!

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)

When someone attains a measure of success in the public spotlight, what words do you normally hear them say when they are interviewed? That person usually says, “Because my ______________(fill in the blank – grandmother, mother, father, sister, friend, whoever) believed in me, I was able to accomplish what I’ve done.” Amazingly, one person’s faith in another person’s ability inspires great achievement.

Christ demonstrated this fact when He chose Peter as a disciple. Recognizing his potential (Matthew 16:16-20), Jesus challenged Peter to follow Him. After Christ’s death and resurrection, the Lord’s words about Peter were fulfilled when the Holy Spirit transformed his life at the day of Pentecost. Even though Peter was uneducated and untrained, his confidence and willingness to die for the sake of the Gospel amazed the elders, rulers, and scribes. (Acts 4:13-14) Because Christ patiently loved and encouraged Peter, he was able to perform miracles and change the world with the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

Does this same underlying principal lie at the root of every homeschooler’s success? What else could account for the incredible results in academic success in homeschooled children when most homeschooling parents only have a high school education or less? Apparently, learning is only part of the equation in a child’s ability to achieve great things; the other part lies within a loving parent’s heart. When you see God’s potential within your child and then encourage him while he reaches out to obtain it, you’ll be amazed at what your child achieves too.


Forgive me for limiting my child because of my unbelief in his abilities. Help me inspire him to greatness by believing in who and what You’ve created him to be.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Pat said...

No one loves your child more, knows his/her strengths and weaknesses. and has goals for them, as well as above all wants them to be a person of character that loves the Lord with all their being!!

You are a great homeschooling Mom, for I can see in your children tose attributes, and they know you LOVE AND CARE about them!!

jennifer said...

Pam thanks for the uplifting post!

BTW I hope you don't mind, I responded to Abby and her comments on Oliver North.

HoMe ScHoOl RoCkS!*!*

PortraitofPeter said...

Whilst I am relatively new to your wonderful site, this post has so much in which we can all derive knowledge from.

For those who homeschool, I commend your decision and this is reflected in the happiness of all your children, the awareness through positive teaching from home in an inspiration to all.

Blessings to you all.

Lyndy said...

Pam, I think this post is wonderful and I know you must be a great homescooling mom. I admire you for taking this stand. When I hear some of the things kids are being taught in public schools today, I am truly amazed.

Bless you as you teach your son.

Happymama said...

Pam, this was a most excellent post. Thank you for that!


Jodi said...

Great post, Pam! Your are so right that it is just as important to encourage our children as it is to correct them. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

So happy to meet and visit you Pam! I found your blog loaded with Truth and a love for God. Thanks for taking the time to stop by the cabin! Blessings to you and your family-Claudia O.

groovyoldlady said...

Gracious Lord,

Thank you for blessing me with geniuses (She says, very tongue-in-cheek!)

OK...Thanks for giving me kids and the wisdom to raise them!

Rancher said...

I had not thought of it but you are absolutely correct. But that same underlying principal would mean success in public school also. My wife taught, despite the problems with public school those who had parents that cared had kids that learned.

Jungle Mom said...

It is true. We as parents have the biggest role. My husband and his brother were both raised in public school, and even though I might not choose that rout for my kids, they both re call certain teachers with great fondness and thankfulness.
I have a lot of family that teach in the public school system and I am glad good people care enough to be there with the children.
BUT, for my children, I am so glad I have been able to teach them all at home. What a blessing!

Jungle Mom said...

PAM, I tagged you for the Hand Bag meme.

HsKubes said...

Great post! Very well said. I appreciate how you shared this application. Part of what I LOVE about home educating is that I can give my children the freedom and encouragement to learn, to discover their potential in learning, and to love to learn. Bravo! Thank you for sharing this.
May we look forward to the future fruit of our labors!

~ Christina