Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Media Bias Highlight!

A Sampling of Media Bias HighlightsFrom the Media Research Center

First-100-Days Flop

In January it was ABC’s Charles Gibson leading the biased coverage about how great the Dems’ “First 100 Days” running Congress were going to be.But to his credit, late last week when the first hundred were up, he admitted their failure to get much of anything done. In contrast to Gibson’s honesty, the other nets just ignored it. Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News deflected the issue, leading with what he called a “growing political problem for the White House” -- missing emails. --

MRC’s CyberAlert, April 16


Sherry said...

The media is always biased against conservative republicans. One little mistake and the media blows it all out of proportion.

Jungle Mom said...


Pat said...

no surprise----most of media are Dem's anyway, and add that certain slant to any of the news casts....notice it is negative and you rarely hear a positive story regarding the Republicans!!

Seems the Republicans are followed with cameras and the Dems are off camera!! HMMMM....one must wonder the unscrupulous undertones here!

Rebecca said...

That's disappointing about Williams. I expected better of him.