Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HELP, I've Fallen Behind and I Can't Catch Up!

I can't seem to stay on top of things lately. Would you all mind if I post some photos from our Easter Sunday? I know, I'm only about a month behind, but I really would like to share the photos with my family. Hope you don't find these too old and boring! Remember, Dad had his heart attack a few days before Easter and was in the hospital waiting for open-heart surgery during this time. I think that is when I got so far behind on everything!

We didn't color eggs this year, but instead found this neat cookie kit at Wal-Mart. It included the already made cookies, with frosting of different colors and candies. Shane really enjoyed it!

After the morning service, we went to Olive Garden to eat with the Leonard family. Above are Alex and Shane!

Mike and Kim Leonard, dear friends of ours! If you ever need a laugh, hang out with this couple!

My hubby was working, but took time out to pop over to our table and give us the royal treatment! Isn't he so handsome? I was in so much pain this day, but forced myself out for the sake of the boys. Josh had to help me dress before church. Normally, Agustin will do this on a Sunday if I'm too stiff, but he had to go in early that day. I told Josh he was receiving more training for when he becomes a husband.

Excuse the squints! They were staring right into the glorious sun!

Josh and Shane Rios with Ashley and Alex Leonard - outside of Olive Garden!

I was being silly and thought it would be funny to snap a photo of the Leonard's in their van every time we passed them! Josh was driving and would keep maneuvering so we would have to pass them or they would pass us. I remember giggling so hard! I'm sure everyone else thought the lady in the Caddy was nuts!

(It doesn't take much to amuse me, just ask Yekwana man!)

Later, after going home and changing clothes and waiting for Agustin to get home from work, we all headed for Tampa General Hospital to visit Dad. He was feeling great, having been resting in the hospital for 4 days and awaiting surgery for a triple by-pass. We took plastic Easter eggs with us and hid them in his hospital room. He thought it was a hoot! We also took boiled eggs to eat and a few other goodies. We actually had quite the unique Easter this year! Most importantly, we rejoiced in the fact that we serve a RISEN Savior!


Pat said...

Great pics!! Welcome back!!

Yes, I know those Leonard people---ALWAYS LAUGHING!! (yep, they are loads of fun!!)

Looks like you had a great time---even Augustin got inthe pics!!

Rancher said...

Happy Easter. And Merry Christmas.

jennifer said...

I think that that your friends probably say the same about you:).

I like the cookie idea. I didn't see it at walmart but I will look next year!!

Jodi said...

What fun pictures! [I run behind on blogging all the time and I don't even have a good excuse! :o)] Your family is beautiful! :o)

I knew you were in Florida, but I did not realize you were in the Tampa area. Our family moved away from Brandon almost 9 years ago. I used to work at One Tampa City Center ~ I left work over 11 years ago; my husband was a manager for an area that covered Tampa to Lakeland. All my family still lives in the Clearwater area.

Kelli said...

I enjoying seeing your Easter Sunday pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

It's never too late to share pictures, and these were great!! You looked so pretty in your peachy pink Easter outfit, and you and your husband do make a cute couple. I think we may decorate egg shaped cookies next year instead of eggs, how much yummier to eat!! We still have all our eggs in the fridge--too old and yucky to eat, but the kids don't want me throw them out. Would not have that problem with cookies. :-)

Janie said...

I loved the pictures. I am so very sorry that you were hurting that day...though you looked so beautiful despite that! Thanks for sharing these with us.

Shane Rios said...

ya i raemeber.

Ashley said...

You...aunt pam...are cray-see!!! LOL That van pic made me giggle!!

I'm sorry you didn't feel good that morning, I knew you weren't...but thank you for being a trooper and coming to lunch with us! I had a great time and enjoyed the company!!

Um...yeah I look drunk in that picture...ROTFLOL!

Kim said...

Had a great time that day. Love you guys!

Lyndy said...

Oh Pam I always enjoy seeing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Julie's Jewels said...

Thanks for sharing about your day. I'm so sorry that you have so much pain that you have to have assistance to even get dressed. That speaks of real pain!! My husband hasn't gotten that bad yet...or at least he hasn't said he has. He is too much of a man to ask me to help him get dressed or anything like that...even though I'd be glad to help him any way I can.