Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Up and At 'Em!!

Praise the Lord, Dad is Up and At 'Em!! Thanks for your prayers and concern! Our God is so gracious! Dad came out of surgery at 2p.m. Tuesday and today, Wednesday at 2p.m. (exactly 24 hours later) I was in his recovery room. You can see in the photo below that he got out of bed and is sitting in a recliner and COMBING HIS HAIR! (Both of 'em! *giggle, giggle*)

He had 3 by passes and the Surgeon said since dad is in good shape and young (71 in June!) he thinks he will be just fine! Dad has denied pain medications since 4 a.m.! He says he just feels a little sore! DUH!?!

Yesterday when I first saw him in recovery, I broke down and bawled. He was just coming from under the anesthesia and jerking as though he were having convulsions. One eye was mostly open, but no movement from the eyeball. The other eye was shut. He was so swollen! His head, hands, neck, arms, and feet looked twice their regular size! The breathing tube and chest tube were only 2 of the many wires and devices attached to him. So today I just had to get in there to see him again and boy I'm glad I did. I recieved so much comfort when I saw him in the improved condition!

I will write more after church tonight. God bless you all. You have been such encouragers to my family and I. Well all of you except for one crazy loon out there who left hurtful comments on my previous post and a terrible comment on Jungle Mom's as well! May their loved one never be in such a situation.

As always, click photo to enlarge!


Lyndy said...

Pam, I am rejoicing with you and your family that your dad’s surgery was a success. That is great that he is up already. I know it is so difficult to see our loved ones in any kind of pain. Continuing to pray for you all and I am so sorry that someone left a nasty comment for you and Rita.

Big Hugs, Lyndy

jennifer said...

I am so happy for you:) I just read the good news at Jungle Mom's. Thank God, all is ok. Keep us posted.

For some enjoyable humor go to my blog and link to professor howdy.I think you deserve a break and his blog is all clean humor:)

God is Great!

SERENDIP said...

Great news. Bless him for taking this picture. Keep us posted.


Dear Pam, please give your Dad and Mom a big hug from Texas. We are so thankful to God that He saw fit to bless your family in this wonderful way. God always takes care of us and gives us our heart's desire when it is in His will to do so. Thank you God, for your blessings on this family. I hope is recovery is a fast and easy one.

I can't imagine anyone being mean at a time like this, they must be full of hate. May God open their eyes through what he has seen God do for your Dad. connie from Texas

I am thankful that God gave you the physical strength to go through this, Pam.

Abouna said...

Like I told your sister, your dad looks great.

We do serve an awsome Lord.

RealEstateGirl said...

So glad he's doing well! I know you and your sis are relieved!

Happymama said...

I went through this surgery with my dad several years ago and I know what you mean about seeing them coming out of recovery. It's very scary, isn't it? Praise the Lord your dad is doing so good. God is good!