Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where Did the Week-End Go?

I sit here at my computer, good and tired but very content. This weekend seems like it came and went so fast! There were lots of wonderful things to enjoy though. I wasn't feeling very good Saturday, so lazed around with no guilty feelings. That is until my doorbell rang!!!Then I panicked! Thankfully it was my nephew Josh Daniel who understands me and seems to love me anyway! He has seen me in a gown and robe with no makeup many times. And there with him at the door was my precious Shane. But then I panicked again when I saw Naomy was with them!!! I looked afright and so did my house! But then I put that all in check and realized they were here to relax too! And they had brought Lemon Pepper rotisserie chicken from Publix Deli! and soda and chips and---M*A*R*S*H*M*E*L*L*O*W*S!!! Come to find out, the marhmellows weren't really for dessert, but were for a competition. Who can fit the most in their mouth at once and still be able to say "Merry Christmas"!? I think little ole Naomy won with 9 in her mouth. It was so funny. Rita called around that time on her Vonage phone. We got to talk and laugh with her and Jayde. It was great! Then, we came in here to my computer and watched lots of videos of Elena. I could tell Josh D.was so proud of her - his little niece. I asked Naomy if we were boring her. She insisted she was enjoying it. Then the time came for them to take their leave. After they left, I ironed and prepared a few things for Sunday. Then I made Peppermint Brickle and was amazed at how easy it was. Thanks to Pat for posting that on her blog. Everyone should give it a try. Then I was off to bed.

Our Sunday started early. We had an awesome day. Last night before bed, I asked the Lord to help me be able to move this morning so I could be flexible enough to drive Agustin to work and have a vehicle for the day. I slept about 3 hrs. and woke up with less pain than I have experienced in months (for the early hours of the day anyhow). Praise be to God! Shane and I took Agustin to work by 7:30. We came back home, ate breakfast, showered and dressed for church. My friend Patti had invited us to her church to see the Christmas Cantata entitled "Emmanuel" which she directed. It was most beautiful! Her choir of about 35 people sounded wonderful! I was so proud of Patti! I sat there and gloated as if I were her mommy. I am so proud of her! I wish you all could have seen her up there! She was definitely in her element! So professional. I will post photos as soon as she emails some to me. She and all the ladies in the choir had on very dressy black sparkly tops and black skirts. The men wore white shirts with black tux bow ties. It was all very classy looking. The cantata was multi sensory. Beautiful images of the Christmas story was projected on the big screen while the choir sang. At certain intervals, men would slowly walk up the aisles of the sanctuary with beautiful banners that went with whatever theme the choir was singing about. At the end, for the grand finale, the newest banner was unveiled. In the flame of the candle was a cross! I will try to post a picture of it soon. Shane was mesmerized by the whole thing!

We then drove over to the church where my son and nephew attend, thinking we could hook up for lunch with them. It was only 12:30. Josh D. would be on his bus route until 2:30 or so. I didn't see my Josh's car in the parking lot anywhere, so called his cell phone. He was home sick! He had a late supper last night of seafood which didn't seem to settle well with him. So to plan B - off to Walmart for tissue wrapping paper and then to Olive Garden for lunch with Daddy! (Agustin)

While at Olive Garden we met one of the nicest guys from Croatia. He LOVES America! Let me repeat that. He LOVES America! It was so refreshing really! His name is Boris and he was our server. He said part of the problem with the US is that we are too nice! He went through war in Yugoslavia, saw Croatia created, had to move to America and started an entire life over again. (He is a musician with 2 degrees and is currently working on his masters at USF. He is studying digital productions, etc.) His appreciation for the United States got us on the subject of Venezuela. I was so pleased when he already knew about Citgo oil being owned by Venezuela. Rita you will love this quote from him. "I watch Fox News, O'Reilly,Bill O'Reilly. When I heard him say not to buy Citgo, I told my wife we would never buy Citgo." I asked: "You watch Bill O'reilly?" He affirmed. I raise up my hand and said "Give me a High Five!" and he did. The other guests looked at us funny! He came by my table at a point when Agustin was away and said in such a sweet spirit, "Don't tell Agustin this, don't let him know, but he is the most respected and loved manager here. He is always fair to all of us." (I'm crying now!)Please pray for Boris as we continue to witness Christ's love to Him. Agustin said he is one of his hardest working employees.

Shane and I left Olive Garden walking around the plaza nearby, as it was almost time for Agustin to get off work. We didn't want to go home and back again. There was a gift shop in the plaza called "Morning Glory" in which Shane bought a gift for Jayde, Jewell, and his brother Josh. Then we went to the car and waited for about 10 minutes. Agustin got in, we went to buy gas, NOT CITGO! Once home, I took something for pain and fell into bed. At 6p.m., I forced myself up. Shane and I went to our church and enjoyed the Christmas program performed by the children in the little Christian school there. The parking lot was packed. We circled around twice and finally had to park by the stop sign on the edge of our church property. Once inside, there was standing room only and that is what we did. We stood with numbers of others along the back of the church. Teen boys went to the educational building to bring in folding chairs! AWESOME! These are the problems that churches love to have! The plan of salvation and the real meaning of Christmas were presented in a clear way. Our friend Kim, who comments on these blogs once in awhile, has a precious little girl named Alex. Alex was in a trio tonight and boy is she a natural! She's so poised and has a beautiful voice. Alex just turned 10. We also got to see Amber, Kim's eldest daughter who just came in Friday from Pensacola Christian College. She looked great and we got to visit with her a bit after church. Kim's middle daughter, Ashley also sang in the choir tonight and has a lovely voice as well. A very strong voice. And while I'm at it, Miriam, Pat's daughter, played piano for the program. I think Rachel had a part as well, but I can't recall seeing her in the choir. She may have played a few of the songs. I'll ask. It was also great seeing our Pastor and his precious wife back form Australia. They were with the Koons families, both old and young. Souls were saved while they were there. Shane got excited when he saw a real kangaroo skin thrown over the back of Pastor Naill's leather sofa in his office!

Then home once again. We had supper, watched a Christmas movie, blogged, and now we are off to bed! Hope to see some activity around here tomorrow! God bless!


Grace Bowden said...

You are so funny pam. It was fun iming with you tonight. Maybe next time I go to come home I will plan to fly so nothing bad happens anymore. O I forgot to tell you I may get to go to England for Spring break with the choir well ttyl.

Pat said...

Soundslike a full and fun day!!
I am rejoicing with you that God gave you strength for the day!!
Iam sure Shane had fun shopping--the girls and i must visit there!
What a blessing to have the kids drop by, too!! Nothing like a bunch of teens (or a couple) to brighten the corner where you are!

tupalup said...

Well, that certainly does sound fun. Josh said we could try the marshmellow contest here when he gets here! Only 4 more days,only 4more days,only 4 more days...
We are a ll very,very,very excited that Josh is coming.

Jackie said...

The thought of sticking 9 marshmallows in my mouth makes me gag. I usually cant even put ONE in my mouth. I always tear it apart! LOL.