Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bountiful Blessings!

Aunt Tommy with me, April 2005

Hey Hey the gang's all here! (That's Root Beer bottles by the way!)

Josh with Aunt Tommy on his 18th birthday, April 2005

I can tell its a busy time of the year! Not a lot of new posting going on. Pat is doing better than all of us! Go Pat!

I have received an abundance of blessings the past couple of days. My husband and Shane drove me to Sun City. We took my two aunts out for dinner to 'King Buffet' in Sun City. What a sinful amount of food on the buffets! But oh so yummy!

Back at my Aunt Donna's well decorated house, we received a most precious gift! My Uncle Ray who was a Pastor for so many years, had a collection of animal portraits and portfolios of information about those animals. They are housed in three large binders with gold engraved titles. Aunt Donna gave them to Shane and I for our homeschooling! I was very touched and honored by this gesture. It means so much to me and Shane fell in love with the beautiful portraits. I will post photos of some of them. It is something we can enjoy for years to come and hand down to Shane's children.

We got home and had a lot of laughs with Aunt Tommy. Its so good to have her here. She keeps you laughing and talking and sharing stories. I introduced her to the world of blogging. She enjoyed seeing Jackie's and Rita's as well as mine and Shane's. She would dictate comments for me to leave on every one's blog. She is so much fun for her age! We went to bed around 1:30 a.m. So today we took a nap from 4p.m. to 6p.m. Agustin said if we would go to bed of the nights, we wouldn't need naps! heehaw Later he passed through the room and called us "owls"! This made Aunt Tommy cackle loudly, or should I say hoot!??

Agustin and I took Shane to Patch Club. Church was great. Pastor had an awesome message from Daniel chapter 6. One point he hit on that stepped on my toes was when he pointed out how we let Bible reading and private prayer time slip away because we get too busy and caught up in our daily lives. Well Daniel was involved with ruling a Kingdom and he never neglected his prayer time. I mean, if anyone had a busy schedule and loads of responsibility, it would have been Daniel!

At the end of the service, I received yet another blessing when Bro. Mills was able to present our Pastor with a Christmas bonus! I believed him to say it was $2,000.00 but Agustin thinks he said $1,000.00. In any case, it was all raised on one day, Sunday while Pastor and Dina were in Australia recently, a special love offering was taken up for them and it was quite substantial for our small church. Praise the Lord!

After church, it was supper and time with Aunt Tommy. We bought the ingredients to make sugar coated walnuts and fudge tomorrow. I had a very painful day today with the pain subsiding late afternoon. It was a special treat this morning when my Aunt Tommy rubbed my Arthritis Rub Creme into my wrists and hands. She used to hold me on her lap when I was a little girl. I used to love to spend the nights with her and my Uncle Dale back in the sixties when we all lived out in California. I felt like a little child again for a short time this morning as she cared for me. It was heavenly!
Love to you all! Keep singing those Christmas Carols and saying "Merry Christmas" to all you come across.


Pat said...

How precious--I must steal a few minutes to meet her....what a memory to add to this season's collection...reminiscing while making new ones!! I love it!!

What a blessing to have her with you adn for Shane to hear her children always loved spending time with older ones because of their knowledge...they treasure those times and stories today!!

Love and hugs---I am praying for you!!

Pat said...

By the way--do not know what you did, but you blog is visible in black and white to me now---no highlighting!!!!

Teresa said...

Family is so precious and that becomes more and more apparent to me with each aging day.

Anonymous said...

LIke the new blog look! Maybe I should change mine again too. Wish I could see cute perky Aunt Tommy!Jackie

Beki said...

NO FAIR! :-p I'm SO jealous...PLEASE bring Aunt Tommy up here to my house...just think of the fun the three of us would have together! And, we could stay up all night without anyone telling us we were "Owls"!! Hi Aunt Tommy, I love you. I have to admit, I got tears in my eyes when I read about Aunt Tommy rubbing the cream into your hands & wrists...It's so easy to love her to death (you too but you know that)! Hug each other for me.

Jungle Mom said...

HEY! ME too, Me too! I want to be there! One of my earliest memories is napping on Aunt Tommie's couch. She had pretty green pillows with white kittens on them. I loved them! They were the most beautiful things to me! Pam, you enjoy her and give her lots of love from me!

Amber said...

Hi, Aunt Pam! I really enjoyed Pastor's message, too. I'm so glad to be home and be back under his preaching! Hope to see you on Friday night. ;-) psst, if Josh is coming, tell him he'd better be prepared to lose! buahahaha!