Friday, December 22, 2006

Some Shane-isms!

Hey everyone. What a great day! I have had a most wonderful day with loved ones all around me. I woke up with the worst nauseating headache ever, but by afternoon, was able to visit better and be more coherent!

My parents spent most of the day with us, as Aunt Tommie is here, so my dad wanted to be near and visit his sister. She is 7 years his senior. And oh such stories were told today. I will forever cherish them in my heart and memory. (Well- if I write them down somewhere!) Mom brought her famous chicken and dressing casserole which has the gravy mixed right in it already, her delicious green beans, rolls and 2 apple pies. I had corn on the cob and home made fudge. It was like a mini-Christmas dinner! Shane said while seated at the dinner table, "This is our Christmas rehearsal dinner." We also opened our gifts from Aunt Tommie since we won't be with her on Christmas day. She opened hers from us as well.

Here are a few other cute things Shane has said lately.

While in the Brandon Mall with his dad 2 weekends ago, his father suggested a certain item Shane could buy me. Now mind you, Shane had $23.00 left from his birthday money and wanted to use HIS money to buy my gift. The item my husband suggested cost $80.00. He was thinking he could help Shane pay the difference. When Shane heard the price, he threw up his chubby hands and said, "Hey wait a minute! I'm sort of on a budget here!"

A couple of weeks ago when Josh was leaving to work in Miami, he told Shane he wanted to give him his birthday gift when he got back. Shane of course asked why. Josh explained it was something that required him to help Shane with. He didn't want to just give it to him and then leave town. It would be better to give it to him when he got back. So the next night, Shane tells his grandparents and I, "I think the reason Josh didn't give me my gift before he left is because he bought me something very sophisticated."

The first night Aunt Tommie was here, Agustin had gone on to bed leaving us "night owls" chatting on the couch. Shane later comes in and squeezes in between us on the couch and smiles while putting both arms on the back of the couch and then cupping our shoulder, (mini-hug) he then looks up into my face and says, "I know how to treat the ladies - I've been doing my research!"

Last night, his dad and I told him he could sleep in our bed with his dad because Aunt Tommie and I sit up late talking and I would simply sleep in his bed when we finally shut up. So Shane goes into my room with Agustin a short while, then comes popping out saying, "I don't really feel sleepy yet and besides - I want to run with the big dogs; or should I say ladies?"


Jackie said...

That is so funny. What cute sayings. I can just hear him saying the one about the "budget." How cute. Glad you had a good day!

M.J. said...

He sounds like such a cutie pie!!

Jungle Mom said...

Of course Shane is worried about his budget!! His mom and cousin Jackie are econimist'after all!!

Pat said...

he is soo cute (love those dimples, too!!)---he is always saying such funny things!!

You are living history over there--soo glad you time with family was soo good!!

Can't wait for another pecdicure day---invite Aunt Tommie over!!