Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jayde of the Jungle's Blog Site

JAYDE LOUISE VERNOY at Hunting Island, S.C. August 2006

One more thing you all -- you have to go to my little 12 year old niece's blog and read how she responded to the 50 questions! You can just see her cute, animated, bubbly, outgoing personality in her answers! She is a doll and so smart! Very artsy and dramatic! Ask Jackie! Her site is


Pat said...

She is adorable---I got to see her this summer and she is soo cute!!
Sure she had fun being the "big sister" to Shane (what a switch from being the youngest and having
5 bosses!! LOL

I'm gonna check out her blog!!

tupalup said...

Thanks,and I do love getting comments! ! !

Jackie said...

I like that picture. It's really her you know?

tupalup said...

Thanks for being my advertiser. I do L*O*V*E visitors!