Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Leonard Family - AN EXPERIENCE!

Josh and Shawn Smith in their Senior year of High School, after the Homecoming Banquet. (2005)

I hurt!! No, it isn't due to arthritis alone. It is because I laughed so much, an so hard, and so long last night at the Leonard's home. It started out peaceful enough with Mike sitting on the couch watching 'Dr. Who' on the Sci-Fi channel and Kim in the kitchen baking cranberry-oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies! The girls on their best behaviour and mannerly. Josh, Shawn, Shane and I were on good behavior as well. It was Shawn's first time to "experience" the Leonard Family!!(hehehe)And believe you me, that is what hanging around the Leonard Family is -- an experience of a lifetime! Right up there with mountain climbing or jumping from an airplane!

After a bit, we started nibbling on snacks and having some drinks. (NO, not alcoholic ones! You don't need that kind when you are at the Leonard's!) Amber had made a delicious cheese ball. Shawn thought that was a funny couple of words. He said he had never heard of it before! Then Mike got the games started and all good behaviour quickly went out the window! We all let our hair down, so to speak! As we all played "Phase 10", Alex and Shane began "Battleship". Once in awhile they would come into the dining room to see what all the noise and laughter was about. The two younger ones went from game to game and DVD's etc. It came time for me to pick Agustin up from Olive Garden. Kim went with me. As I left I shouted, "Mike, we are leaving you as the adult in charge!" I then quickly re-thought that and said, "Shane, we are leaving you as the adult in charge!"

We brought Agustin back and a game of "Crazy Eights" broke out. More rowdy behavior broke out as well, but lots of great memories were made! I think we left there around 3 A.M.! I will post photos soon. You know me!

I am sure Amber will blog about this when she recovers from having us over. I can't wait for you all to be able to hear her perspective on the night! Which all through out she would proclaim, "Oh, I can't wait to blog about this!" I know you will enjoy reading Amber's blog. She is such a talented young lady and a terrific writer. A link is on my side bar. Please give her a visit!

Oh by the way, Josh had forewarned Shawn by saying, "Everyone in this family (Leonard's) is crazy. You will have a blast!" And he did!

Merry Christmas!


Pat said...

Anyone knows just what the two families of yall an get into !!

What great fun!! I know you laughed til you cried plus all the other goings on!!

What fun--you sure have alot of Christmas memories this year!!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, we did have a crazy time. I have yet to update my blog, but it will be a challenge to convey all the fun we had! (Maybe some is better left out? lol! j/k) It was great having you over--we must do it again before my break is up!

Pam Rios said...

uh - definitely some (LOTS) should be left out!

Teresa said...

Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you have such good friends to hang out with.