Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Preparations!

Hey Friends! I have been out and about all day and just couldn't go to bed without doing some "blogging". I was so happy to have new stuff to read on so many of your blogs! ! Like a kid in a candy shop, let me tell you! (giggle, giggle)

Our morning started off with Agustin reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 to Shane out of the Spanish Bible. Then he conducted a Bible Drill for Shane. He is getting really good at finding the verses in good time. Still room for improvement though. But oh how heart warming to walk out of my bedroom and find father and son reading the Bible together at the breakfast counter. I never cease to thank the Lord for blessing us with a Christian home. When I see a sight like that, I usually think of the poor little children who do not have the opportunity to share God's Word or His love with their parents or family members. I pray I never take it for granted. Then it was breakfast, showers, and off to the races.

Agustin has been off for 4 days in a row! Yes, 4!!! So my routine has been off some, but that is ok. We have taken care of some business and have done some shopping together. Agustin took Shane to Busch Gardens yesterday while I had a quiet day around the house doing little things that simply needed attention. I blared the Christmas music and went with it. I have a Carpenter's Christmas CD that has loads of wonderful songs on it. I also have some beautiful Christmas instrumentals. My tree is almost finished. I keep feeling it needs tweaking. My house is pretty much decorated inside. Outside needs some sparkle. We finally bought a wreath tonight. I wanted to put a live balsam wreath on my door, but when Pat went to get ours, they seemed too dried out. I do have a beautiful Poinsettia plant by my front door and a wooden reindeer stake with a bow around his neck and our family name on him near my entry walk way. I also have a snowman stake out in the yard near our mailbox. I want to put poinsettias in the newspaper box attached to my mailbox and still I want to add lights or bows on the two columns at our entry way.

My shopping is well underway. I started late this year. I am finished with Agustin and Shane, the McCobb's, Rita, Clint, Jewel, Jayde, our Pastor's family,and my parents. I still need to shop for my son, Josh, my nephew, and my brother, and a few special friends. I also have to get something for my husband's 3 co-managers. I usually send a platter of homemade goodies for all his employees. Boy do they love our peanut butter balls! Then there's Shane's Sunday School teacher, Jr. Church workers, and his Patch Club teachers. I'm sure a few others will be added to my list before Christmas! I do plan on baking for most of the teachers gifts. A few lead teachers will recieve Olive Garden gift cards!

Now to fine tune our Christmas Eve dinner! Friends and family come over. There may be 20 people over. We usually do a traditional Mexican Meal. This year we are serving chicken enchiladas with green sauce, refried beans and rice. Of course, my hubby will make his guacamole. Ask Jackie and Rita about that! There will be Mariachi Music playing. Then we'll end the evening with a Pinata for the grand finale! We try to incorporate as many Mexican traditions for our boys as is possible through out the year. So we open gifts after midnight and after our friends go home on Christmas Eve, (well I guess that is technically Christmas Morning!) We go to bed. We adults sleep late, but the boys get up and find their stockings stuffed with goodies. We usually go to my parent's in the evening for a traditional American Christmas Dinner. This year however, due to my mother's health issues, it will be at our home; so we have a little extra planning to do! I am looking so forward to Christmas! Remember, its my favorite time of the year!

I'm off to bed now. I have been enjoying a CD entitled "Dartt Family Christmss". They write all their own songs and accompaniments.


Pat said...

No wonder we have not heard from you---you have been one busy lady---just thinking about it makes ones head spin!! But, I am sure you have it all undercontrol!!

Sounds like a wonderful holiday time---Do you bake all nite???

You are so special and a blessing to those you meet (teachers, co worker, etc. included!!)

Teresa said...

Pam, I truly enjoy the "Motivation for Moms" quotes. They are so special and so true. Working in the public school system, I just wish some of our families would live by these. When my students act up, it's always in the back of my mind what is on their minds. Are they wondering if someone will be home for them, will they have something to eat when they get home, will they get hit or hear hurtful words, will the other children be kind about what they are wearing, will even just one person be nice to me today, etc.....we are so very blessed and I try so hard to be a light for them and just bring a lil kindness their way. Pray for my students, they're really wonderful people and the ones who have difficult environment are just trying to figure out how to deal. Sorry bout the tangent.

Shane Rios said...

this is long
but read it so is this the fist long one

Jungle Mom said...

I had such a nice mental picture of Shane and Agustine readng the Bible together. It was a "heart hug"!

Jungle Mom said...

And for Teresa, I've been wanting to say how much I admire you for your role as a teacher in the public school. I know it must be hard to see some of the situations you see, Thank God for teachers like you to be there for those children who have such a sad home life. You are also a missionary.

Jackie said...

Wow! You've been busy. My tree still doesn't feel done yet either...I can't seem to put my finger on it!!