Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pampered Pam

Do I Look Relaxed?

File those babies down!

Miriam working hard.

See the chocolate sea salt? It smelled so delish! But the water in the foot bath afterwards sure looked gross!

My new fresh TOE -BUDS! Aren't they Christmasy?

And NO, I don't mean the diapers! I was pampered beyond measure this past weekend. Pat brought her two daughters over Saturday evening. She has mentioned that her eldest, Miriam, has a little business giving pedicures. I was so excited that they had time to come to my home and give me my FIRST pedicure. Before the appointment, Miriam mixes, at her home, which ever fragrance you request. For the holidays, she has a Chocolate-Peppermint salt scrub. That was my choice! What aroma therapy! Oh and such a luxury having my legs and feet massaged with the fragrant sea-salt.

What a little servant Miriam is! And her younger sister, Rachel was her right hand man (or girl)! As Miriam worked on sloughing my dead skin off, Rachel was warming towels, etc. I was triple blessed, because Pat and I talked the entire time - I do believe! The girls did have a chance to interject a few words here and there!
When the delicious massage was over, I chose a Christmas Red polish for my freshly pedicured toe nails, layered with a top coat of Northern Lights sparkly stuff! I felt so beautiful! And my legs were so so so soft! This will be a MUST DO on my list from now on! And to think, it was done right here in the comfort of my own home.

I enjoy so much watching Pat interact with her girls. They have a very special relationship that you don't see alot in today's world. I hated to see them leave. My heart had been warmed and touched on so many levels that evening. We laughed an awful lot as well! May God's tender mercies follow them daily as they seek to be Proverbs 31 women. Kudos to Pat who has done a tremendous job training them!


Jackie said...

How cool. Looks like you had fun being pampered...good, you deserve it!

Pat said...

Well, it sure was fun!! We laughed until our sides hurt and tears streamed down our faces---however, it was quite the chore trying to get Pam to RELAX!!!(maybe we should have her look up the meaning in the dictionary---but she still wuldn't do it!!LOL) She did enough for the massage!!

And, yes, the foot bath water grossed Shane and Augustine out when they came in wondering---just how cool was that disgusting stuff even though the house was chocolate mint scented!!!

This was the first of many pamperings....she asked Mirima if she touched people's FEET?!?!? and Miriam said only if they have a pedicure!

Teresa said...

God has blessed you with a wonderful friend there Pam. I always tell Kristin, you've gotta be one to have one and I know you're one of the best. What a day!!

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, you need to do this more often! Jewel and I went for manicures and pedicures today. It was fun doing "girlie" stuff.