Friday, December 08, 2006

Warm, Comforting Friend

Patti Byrd - My Warm, Comforting Friend!

Do you have a friend whom you haven't heard from or seen in a long while, but yet you know, if they were to call today, you would be able to pick up where you last left off? There are just some friends like that. I had the blessing of receiving a phone call Thursday night from that type of friend. Any time she calls me, I get a warm, comforting feeling knowing that she always understands and relates, no matter how many weeks or months it has been since our last visit or phone call. I thank God for the warmth and comfort of faithful friends.


Jackie said...

Patti is always so pretty. I like her.

Jungle Mom said...

Has it been nearly 20 years since I met Patti? Jackie was a baby!! My word!! We go back a long way girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pam, I don't know what to say...other than what an encourager you are! You really have a talent for writing and describing your thoughts. And, yes, you are also my warm, comforting friend. God is sooooo good!!! Love you!

Pat said...

The comfort and memories are there once you are
transends time! What a blessing to have that comfort with each other!