Monday, December 04, 2006

One of My Traditions

One of my newest traditions started a few years back when my niece Jackie became engaged to Brian. I bought them an adorable Christmas ornament! It had two teddy bears in a hot air balloon. I had the year inscribed on the balloon. "Jackie" was written on the girl bear and "Brian" on the guy bear. Jackie seemed so thrilled with it, so I told her that would be my special thing to do for them each Christmas! Now since she is in Paraguay, South America, I don't want to take a chnace of having it get lost in the mail or possibly broken. However, Rita will be here in Florida this summer. I will give it to her to take down to Jackie when she goes down there in October. I wanted to post it here though for now so Jackie and Brian and Elena can at least see what I picked out for them this year! It was fun adding Elena to the ornament this time. I missed last year because they were in Costa Rica and I just did'nt have a way to get it to them. So now, (drum roll please) the unveiling of the McCobb Christmas Ornament for 2006!!!


Teresa said...

Ahhh, too cute. That's the best tradition to start ever. Good idea. We had snow today, woohoo!! Just some flurries but it was pretty but oooooooo it was brrrrr cold.

Jackie said...

WOW! Cant wait to hang it on my tree...even if it will be next year. It's so cute!!! Thank you!!!! I love it~~

Pat said...

So sweet --I am sure the smiles on the ornament are indicative of them!!