Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shaney Pooh's Birthday!

Here is Shane working out this past Sunday in his brother's room! By the way: Josh is in the process of painting and decorating his room to look like a beach shanty!

Hey Everyone! Did you miss me today? Its been a real busy and crazy weekend and first of the week as well. I know Pat must think I have fallen off the face of the earth! She was to give me some Southern Living At Home catalogues Sunday, but I found myself in Tampa at my dad's church! I am having a party to earn discounts and free items. Girlfriends! You have got to see the merchandise! You can purchase the design articles they use in the photos of the Southern Living magazines! For us Southern girls, that is our number one favorite mag! Pat had a book sales party and Lordy - now I am hooked! I think you can go to and see the same items that are in the catalogue. Listen to me! Here I am going on about material things after reading Jackie's awe inspiring article on Proverbs 31. Wasn't that wonderful and convicting? Such good insight. And now I am speaking of such carnal things!

Well, I want to share my last few days with you all. I just love writing about stuff! It may not be important necessarily, but it brings a smile to my face to let you peek into my life. I so enjoy peeking into your lives through all this blogging and sharing. Someone said it was a prime opportunity for gossipping. I guess it could be that, but I am so thankful ours isn't at all like that! I have you all lifting me up in prayer and cheering me on with comforting words and encouraging words as well as with convicting words! We are using technology in a way that is pleasing to our Lord! Praise His Name!

Thursday night was loads of fun as I shopped for Christmas with Agustin and Shane in tow. We found such marvelous sales at JCPenney's. I bought two leather purses for the price of one! All Stafford dress shirts were on sale for half price as well as the dress pants. Even the Docker T-shirts Agustin likes were at 30% off! God is so good! At 6pm, we headed to the Olive Garden where we had arranged to meet eight people from our church. Each November and December, Olive Garden treats a family or group of people to a free meal. Appetizers, desserts, tip are all taken care of. They just have to show up and eat! Most of the folks who came were single. One young couple came with their 4 month old baby boy. It was nice getting to know everyone on a more personal level. You know, at church, there are so many other people and distractions sometimes, and that makes it hard to have an un-interrupted conversation. Several of the guests were teachers at the little Christian school our church operates. I know they don't make lots of money. I've been there - done that, have the T-shirt to prove it! (the teaching in a small school)So it was good watching everyone have a good time. Another young man there is fresh out of college. This is his first job, so he is trying to establish himself and get on his feet. Now the neat thing is - we get to host this again in December for an entirely different set of guests!

Friday, my mom called and asked if Shane could come to church with her in Tampa on Sunday as the Children's home in town was going to be singing and recieving gifts from the church members, as well as dinner on the grounds to feed them all. She also wanted to see if Shane could stay over Sunday night to be there Monday with her to do their traditional thing for Christmas; make loads of peanut butter balls! Friday night around 10pm while I was shopping in Target, my cell phone rang. It was my nephew Josh Vernoy. I could tell right away from the sound of his voice that something good had happened. He began sharing with me how he had the privilege of preaching chapel service unexpectedly at the christian school connected with the college he attends. He estimated about 20 children went forward at invitation time. He dealt with a few, other teachers dealt with more children. At the end of the day, 12 souls had been saved from hell! Josh was on cloud nine! He has had many opportunities to preach recently, but this is the first time anyone responded at invitation. It ecnouraged him so much! He said he had called his parents in Venezuela, his sister in Paraguay, his grandparents, and me.

Saturday came and went and I don't even remember what I did that day. I guess Shane and I packed for him.

Sunday we were off to Tampa! I got home around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. My son, Josh, was leaving early Monday morning to go do a job in South Beach (Miami) for a week, so he needed a few things done for him Sunday. That was a pleasure for me! I ironed shirts and helped organize a few things for him, at his request. One thing I know about Josh, he doesn't like for me to barge in and act like he is helpless. But I can notice hints from him, make an offer to do such and such, and he is happy to let me help. For instance, he was opening up a package with a new dress shirt in it Sunday afternoon. He said "Man, that's really wrinkled!" I offered then, "Want me to iron it for you real quick?" He grinned in a way only he can do and said "Would Ya'?" He was tickled to not have to iron that thing! Then when he was dressed for church, he asked me to help him with his cuff links! I loved it! It felt great mothering him again, even if it was for only a little while!

Monday, I hate to say, but I was in bed all day. Agustin was at work and Shane was at my Mom's. I hadn't slept much Sunday night. I tossed and turned and "grunted"! Yes, little ole me grunting, can you imagine! (Wink, wink) Anyway the house was quiet and I just let my body rest from the past busy days. My hubby came home around 5:30 with Philly Steak and Cheese sandwiches from Publix! We had a quiet evening together, talking and well...let me just say , it was nice having the house to ourselves! Later, I took a long soak in my garden tub. He came in and lit the candles , put them on the edge of the tub, told me to relax, then turned off the lights and left me with my thoughts and prayers. I think I was in that tub for an hour!

Tuesday - today - is my Shaney Pooh's birthday! He is nine years old and I can't believe it! I drove to Tampa to do some shopping and a few errands. Then went to mom's to get my birthday-boy. I took him gourmet chocolate doughnuts from "The Fresh Market", one of my favorite grocery stores. They were decorated all Christmassy. I knew he would enjoy putting candles on them as much as on any old cake! Besides, with the guys down in South Beach, my parents being diabetics, there really wasn't anyone else but us to eat cake. So I thought cupcakes were a great choice. We put in the candles, sang the song, he blew them out, he ate his cupcake! Right as we were about to leave for home, Rose and Stephanie stopped by with a gift card for Shane. He had already been to ToyRUs earlier in the day to spend his gift card from Grandma and Grandpa. I had been gradually giving him his gifts over the past month, so he had a great birthday! Not long after getting home, our door bell rang. It was Brother Travis Hartfield and John Mitton from our new church. They were on church visitation and dropped by to give us a visit. It was a wonderful visit with two nice gentlemen. I could tell Agustin really enjoyed it. John is in the restaurant industry so they had lots to talk about. I believe he is a General Manager of the only Chick Fil A in neighboring Hernando county. Travis is our school administrator.

I guess that is enough boring details for you. Until next time, keep looking up!


Pat said...

Well, party girl, welcome back!!

What a blessing to spend time with Josh!(little things are big deals!!)

And, I did not know it was Shane's birthday!We must talk!

Glad you had visitors from Church-they both are very nice men!! You often hear John request prayer for his employees or their families.

Glad you got to soak in the candlelight!!

Jungle Mom said...

Good to see the room. He really does love the beach doesn't he? well, I haven't written in awhile. Thanks for the news about Venezuela. Just remember,
Citgo, Hugo Loco, Gringo No Go!

Jackie said...

I cant wait to see that room when it is done. I completly forgot to call shane on his birthday. Shame on me. Tell him I'm sorry. What a long post, way to go you, you're making up for my short little ones!