Monday, December 04, 2006


Yesterday, Sunday, was election day in Venezuela. Our prayers have been going up for some time for my family members who live there and that it would be peaceful. Well, it was pretty peaceful because the big cry baby won! Oh boy, if he had lost, we can only imagine what could have broken out!

It was a little funny last night when I called my sister's Vonage phone at about 10:30, after I returned home from Tampa. I wanted to know how it all had "gone down" (elections). When my brother in law answered the phone, I thought I had awakened him. His voice was so tired and down. I asked, "Did I wake you up?" to which he replied, "No, we are just all depressed over the elections." For those of you who know Clint, he is not a "down" kind of guy. He is always joyful and an "up" person! So we giggled a little about the way he answered the phone. After chatting a bit, he put Rita on. Later when I asked about her daughters, she said Clint was praying with them as they were crying and quite upset. They really had hoped the opposition to the Dictator would have won. My heart broke for all of them. We know they are where they are for a purpose, but what an eventful year they have had. First, saying good bye to their friends and fellow Christians in the jungle village, and now watching the entire country of Venezuela deteriorate quickly right before their eyes, knowing that under this Socialistic Dictator, it will only get harder and harder for fellow believers, their life long friends! On that note, WAKE UP AMERICA! We must protect the foundation our coutry was founded on! America also is changing right before our very eyes!

You all may know that CITGO gasoline is a Venezuelan owned company. I wish the good old USA would just say NO to all petroleum from that country! Let's send a message to Chavez! Maybe you, on an individual level, would swear off using CITGO fuel in your vehicle. I did that about a year ago. It was very convenient for me to fill up at a neighborhood CITGO on the corner from my church. But after being enlightened by my sister and several articles on the internet, I stopped using CITGO. I pray you would consider doing the same.

Here is an excerpt form NewsMax today:

The Bush administration, long at odds with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, greeted the populist leader's landslide re-election victory by holding out the possibility of a more cooperative relationship.

"We look forward to having the opportunity to work with the Venezuelan government on issues of mutual interest," State Department press officer Eric Watnik said Monday.

His brief comment did not offer congratulations to Chavez. Nor did it make direct reference to him or what it regards as the increasingly authoritarian course he has pursued.

Watnik noted that Tom Shannon, who heads the State Department's Latin America bureau, has praised the campaign run by Chavez's main opponent, Manuel Rosales.

"The opposition demonstrated its ability to put forth an important, peaceful and democratic campaign and it garnered a significant share of the vote," Watnik said.


Teresa said...

Thanks for letting me know this stuff. I'll say NO to Citgo and I'll tell everyone I know to do the same.

Jackie said...

Gringo say NO to Citgo!! If America would stop buying their oil he (Chavez) would be hurting real bad, real soon. He says he hates America, but in reality he LOVES America. And why not? They pay him to make his hateful remarks!! Lets open up Anwar for petes sake!! We have our own oil!!! Sorry, I'm ranting now!!

Pat said...

The realization is that all we can do is pray---and forward this to our whole address book!!