Friday, December 29, 2006

Did You Notice My New Title?

Jackie with Me(her Perky Aunt Pam)& Uncle Agustin
Right Before She Left For Paraguay

I would like to dedicate the new title of my blog to my dear niece, Jackie Jo Vernoy McCobb and to my Aunt Tommie Campbell as well! If you have any questions as to why I changed my title, feel free to ask Jackie. I'm sure she will be glad to explain!
Love You Jackie! Happy New Year!
[I told you I would repay you for posting those ugly photos of me on your blog that time!]


Jackie said...

Ha ha. Very funny. :-|

Pat said...

You never cease to amaze me!! You now are someone else!! So, .....
can't wait for you to catch up!!

Kim said...

Ok Jackie,,,What's up with your Aunt Pam's new name???

Jungle Mom said...

I cant type! Im rotfl!