Sunday, September 01, 2013

Day One–Inspire

I’m playing along by posting a daily photograph describing the word or category prompt for that day at  #theidearoom on Instagram or at  If you would like to join in the fun, you can access the list and the guidelines by clicking on the link above to see what is next. It’s interesting to see what others have chosen to photograph for their daily entry.

2012 09 30_0104

For today's prompt, the word INSPIRE caused me to write about my Dad and Mom. My parents are an inspiration to me! Both of them are in their seventies and have many health issues; but nothing seems to stop them! My husband and I say they remind us of tenacious bulldogs, but in a good way!  Winking smile By God’s grace, mom and dad both carry on serving Christ daily and remain flexible to serve others in a magnificent way. There is no way I could keep up with their schedules! Whew!

My dad is Senior Pastor at our church in Tampa. He counsels families and hurting folks almost on a daily basis. Not only is my Mom a full time Pastor’s wife, she continues to work an outside, full time job and several part time jobs. (She doesn’t consider the part time jobs work-just a way to help out friends.)

I love you mom and dad and appreciate your love for the Lord and your example of doing for others. I know it is HE who gives you both the strength to do all that you do.


Mari said...

What a great tribute to your parents. They sound like wonderful people - and we know on top of that, they raised a great daughter!

Kristi said...

That is very sweet! I would love to meet your entire family one day.


Rosilind Jukic said...

Love it! What a sweet picture!!!