Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to my Childhood

I'm in the mountains where I was born! Childhood memories are always stirred when I visit here. Memories such as the feeling of being accepted unconditionally. Memories of good ol' country homemade meals. Memories of having too many relatives to spend enough time with each of them!

There is a twofold reason for Shane and I being here. Shane is taking advantage of Karate lessons in the Dojo one of my cousins recently opened and I'm here visiting relatives. I also wanted Shane to spend some unrushed time here, breathing in the mountain air, walking on the railroad tracks, being loved on by some of the sweetest people I know.

I snuck off for five days and spent a most wonderful time at South Lake Holston in Tennessee. I really enjoyed my cousin's boat and reading in the middle of the lake while she sunbathed. Oh except for that day we RAIN BATHED!!! My Aunt Virgie, her daughter Alicia, and I got caught in a dreadful rainstorm, but pulled into a cove for some respite from the pelts of heavy rain. With the help of life jackets and beach towels, we actually found ourselves to be quite comfortable and shared many laughs and stories as we also hid under the cabin's awning. Alicia took some great video of us. Hopefully I can post it soon!

My husband and mother are to arrive in July just in time for the big annual family reunion.
I've taken loads of pictures but forgot to pack my cord to upload them on this particular computer. I'll be on the prowl for a way to upload at least some of them.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far. I hope to check in again soon. Ta Ta for now!