Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's the Little Things...

1.  Getting that doctor visit behind me this morning!

2.  Watching two episodes in a row of my all time favorite western series: "The Big Valley".

3.  Listening to my dog snore at my feet.

4.  Sitting at my desk with the assurance of God's grace and forgiveness.

5.  Having a husband who works hard for us.

6.  Remembering the wonderful time with family recently at my nephew's wedding in Georgia.

7.  Realizing my tummy is growling because of hunger;  but I'm so blessed to have a stocked    fridge and pantry.

8.  Listening to my son as he chats with a friend.

9.  Feeling the cool air from the air conditioning!

10.  Looking forward to celebrating my daddy's 78th birthday tomorrow!