Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Photo Editing Site!

So, in response to my crying over losing Picnik so soon after realizing how much time I can waste there, a creative soul left the following message for me. I plan on checking this new photo editing site out NOW! Wanna meet me there?  www.PicMonkey.com
Jenn said...
Hi Pam,

I guess it's better to be late than to never have shown up to the Picnik at all :)

I just wanted to give you a heads up about an awesome alternative built by ex-Picnikers! It's called PicMonkey! Yep, who doesn't love monkeys? :) We are taking what we learned by creating your old fave and building an even better, faster, stronger photo editor. Check out www.PicMonkey.com when you have a chance!

Also, feel free to send me your feedback, feature requests, and, of course, any questions you have!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farewell Picnik, I Barely Knew Ye'

As usual, I'm late to the party, er... in this case, I'm late to the *Picnik*!! I just recently learned about this site and it will be closing down by the end of April!! I played around with some photos tonight and can't help but think about all the neat things I could have been creating up to this date! I have a tendency to be late to functions, so I guess being late to the Picnik site just fits my MO.

Yeah, yeah yeah, I've heard it over and over - it's rude to be late, it's selfish to be late, it's undisciplined to be late. I've heard it from teachers, preachers, conference speakers, business leaders...but I still fight the habit. As a matter of fact, it kind of hurts when friends or family poke fun at me for being late yet again. I wonder if they ever notice the many times I am punctual? Or the number of times I am actually early to fulfill my duties? Hmm, funny I never hear about those times. Anyhoose, I digress!

Back to more positive thoughts! Here are a few silly photos I tried to manipulate tonight while hanging out at Picnik. I hope to have the time to play around some more before the site closes down by April's end. Is there another site which is similar? Can I do this at PhotoBucket?

(PHOTO #1) NOVEMBER 2011 - We moved into a new home!
(PHOTO #2) DECEMBER 13, 2011 - We had been moving slowly into our new home, staying at my parent's while we tried to get the new place organized. I also took time off from unpacking to travel to Tennessee to attend a dear friend's funeral.We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by unpacking all day then sneaking off that evening for a late dinner with our two sons.
(PHOTO #3) DECEMBER 5, 2011 - Shane celebrated his 14th birthday.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Chinese Take Out kind o' Night!

My honey is on his way home and just called. Guess what he's bringing....Chinese food for our supper! No cooking for me tonight! *doing the happy dance* After last night's craziness, we all deserve a treat. Shane once again has a really bad, bad cold: sore throat and all. Agustin had the day off yesterday and mostly took it easy but feels he is getting what Shane has. All of us were up at different times throughout the night. Around 4:00a.m. I put on a pot of water to boil. Once it came to a boil, I added a tablespoon of Vick's salve to it. Shane and Agustin took turns holding a towel over their heads, making a tent. They took turns breathing in the minty steam. Shane found it really opened his nasal congestion big time and took several breaks to blow his nose. We'll remember to do this for the next cold!

I'll sign off now and try to finish up my laundry before the hubs gets home. I requested Orange Chicken with rice for my din-din. So, WHAT is your favorite Chinese take out dish??

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here's a link to my niece's new blog. I think you will truly enjoy your visit there!
The McCobb Family

*WHINE* and *CHEESE* & other COOL stuff!

Let me start this post by declaring how thrilled I am that last week is behind me!!! WHY you ask?? Well let me share!

My mom had eye surgery on both eyes, and due to an opening coming from a cancellation-they scheduled her in early one morning and I didn't learn of mom's surgery until after the fact! Yeah, that was quite emotional!  It seems her substantial weight loss caused the skin to sag and pull so hard under her eyes that she had continual dry, scratchy, red eyes and real pain from the heaviness of the, um, shall we say excess skin? After some snipping and Lord knows what else (lyposuction I'm sure). she is now healing and hopefully soon will feel much more comfortable. But I gotta say...seeing her so bruised and swollen was awful; just awful I tell ya'!! Thankfully, she is healing and the steroid drops are helping tremendously. We saw a huge difference in her just from Friday to Sunday. I imagine in another week, she'll be looking good. Thanks for all who have prayed for her during this episode.

Another yucky part of last week was learning that my cousin Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer. HOWEVER---it was refreshing to learn that his visit with the doctor today brought encouraging news! The doc says Ron's cancer is operable!!! Isn't it wonderful to know God cares so much for his little children! We love you Ronnie!

Yesterday afternoon, a dear friend of ours lost his mother. This dear man is one of the deacons in our church and has endured watching his mama's health go downhill for years now. She lived a long 91 years on this earth and is now in heaven with her sweet Lord. 

Also, I had issues with a RA flare up therefore being hindered from accomplishing ANYTHING!! I might have done a few dishes and washed a few loads of laundry, but that had to be done late evening after my fingers became unlocked and the pain subsided in my wrists and shoulders. I missed out on going to our annual Strawberry Festival with some girlfriends. waa waa waa! Sorry! yes I would like some *cheese* with my *whine*! OKAY- I will stop my whining now.

In other news!!! Shane's new headboard arrived only two days after placing our order online! He and Agustin got that attached to his bed on Saturday. Then the two went off and bought Shane a cool fan! (Yeah you saw what I just did there, didnt' you? a COOL FAN!) But it really IS cool looking, more contemporary than what we had in the other house. That COOL fan got installed by the guys today!! Shane's room is almost complete. *Happy Dance Time*

My eldest son, Josh, works at Bern's Steak House in Tampa. They age their own steaks and have not just a dessert menu to die for but a dessert ROOM!! Yes, and you must make reservations for that too!(Check it out by clicking on the link above.) They age their own meat and have a cheese cave as well. In the few months that my son has worked there, he has already met  some sports commentators from ESPN, Jimmy Buffet, the entire New York Rangers Hockey Team, and most recently, Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner himself! Of course, along with the Speaker's visit came loads of secret service agents in the restaurant, accompanying even those who had to take out trash to the dumpsters; and there were snipers on nearby buildings. Cool stuff huh?!? Almost as cool as Shane's new fan! (ha ha I just crack myself up!)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

There's lots going on around the Rios Roost! I'm still unpacking boxes, well except for the books. I need another bookshelf. My dear sweet husband gave away all of our office furniture when we moved last March!!! I'm not missing the old time computer work station or the worn out leather executive desk chair, but the bookshelves I AM MISSING...ALOT!!!

But we did finally get a shelf with hooks hung near back garage door. That's a big help for dog leashes and in/out mail. Then we hung a picture above our bed. Not sure if I will keep it there. I may change it out. We also hung a shelf in our master bath w.c. I painted some chandelier shades to look warmer. They are no longer white but a cozy ochre. Oh and we finally got Shane's bedroom curtains hung!! YES!

Shane's room is closer to being finish. We are expecting his new headboard by next week. I researched and pinned an enormous amount of ideas for building our own headboard; but with the husband's schedule, we decided to go ahead and purchase a new one.

Speaking of *pinning*, yeah, well it's my newest addiction!!! It's an online world of virtual bulletin boards! I'm having a blast grouping my recipes and ideas, whether it be for home decor or children's church, in their specific places. It really helps me feel so much more organized! and with LESS PAPERS being printed out to lie around my office!! Paper work and filing them is my arch nemesis!

Here's a shot of the little shades I stippled. I like crisp white but it doesn't go with my decor as well as the warmer color.

I'm off to pay some bills and FILE papers! Yuck!

Friday, March 02, 2012


Sooo it seems I accidently deleted my list of favorite blogs! GASP! I'm sure my face had a priceless expression on it when I realized that little fact! I had added many of you to my BLOGGER READING LIST, but not all of you. Does anyone have suggestions on how to find all my faves?