Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Spring!!!

Our spring was pretty busy, at least by our standards!! Many *extras* were on our calendar but two major functions were the college graduations of our sister's kids; but first let me tell you about my boys!

Our son Shane is growing into a mature, responsible young man. At fourteen, he surprises me with his wisdom! He enjoys working out and running. He wants to re-enroll in a martial arts class. Last summer, he worked hard learning Shotokan karate at my cousin's Dojo. During the school year, we moved and have not enrolled him in any classes here.  He is considering Krav Maga!! *YEAH EXACTLY!!*

Shane's birthday back in December!

Our eldest son, Josh, is working two jobs; each job is 37 hours per week or MORE! Needless to say, he really enjoys his days off. He was recently approached to consider an apprenticeship by one of his employers. He's pretty happy he is getting paid to learn!! God is Good!

Joshua heading out for a job interview

In May, our  niece Jewel (MY sister's daughter) graduated from college in Jacksonville, Florida. We weren't able to attend her graduation but we are so proud of her hard work and her ability to graduate EARLY!! Jewel has many talents and skills which include sewing, great care giver when you're sick and can give the best massage or back rub!! She is now back in Paraguay.

My pretty & talented niece, Jewel

Jewel receiving her college diploma

(On a side note, Jewel and I just had a chat online. She wanted me to let her parents know that Paraguay now has a new president. Things have been tense in that country this past week due to a massacre of 17 farmers/land owners. The president was impeached yesterday, borders were closed, citizens were tense as they wondered how smoothly OR NOT the impeachment of the leftist President would be. Thankfully, Jewel was able to share the good news that a new president is in place. However, I still have an uneasy feeling that violence could escalate there. Please keep the Vernoy and McCobb families in prayer as they continue to minister there.)

The very next weekend after Jewel's graduation, our nephew David (AGUSTIN'S sister's son)  graduated from college in the Chicago area. We were blessed that Agustin was able to pull away from work for a week to attend this graduation. It was wonderful visiting with family who flew in from both Argentina and Mexico for this milestone in David's life! We are so very proud of him and are happy he already has a two year internship at the ministry of a large church.

David receiving his college diploma

Agustin's sister Ruth with her husband Larry and their 3 sons.
THEN, the very next weekend was a school reunion for me! What great fun!
Potluck, after dark campfire at a former student's property, breakfast Wheeler's cafe, canoe trip down the Peace River, picnic by the river...these were some of the activities planned. Of course, there were a few surprise *activities* thrown into the weekend getaway!

Here I am with some wonderfully fun people! A.C.C. reunion.

This month, my sister, her husband and daughter Jayde have been back in our area. Jayde spent this past week with us. It was a fun RARITY for us to have a teen GIRL in our home! I especially enjoyed "girly chats" about make-up, boys, clothes, jewelry, et al!!! The best part of the visit was being serenaded by Jayde. God has definitely blessed her with a beautiful voice and much talent in music in general. Please pray for Jayde as she and her dad are back in Beaufort, S.C. today. She won second place in  "Beaufort's Got Talent" contest. Her prize was a free recording session in a studio there with professional musicians!! Saturday, June 23, is her recording date. I am so excited for her!

  Jayde in concert this past Sunday afternoon


My sister, Rita has been experiencing major health issues but I'm happy to report she is doing much better and able to attend a ladie's conference this weekend. This was paid for back in December and she has looked forward to it for months. It would have been so sad if she hadn't been able to attend! God blessed in this situation.

 Rita with her hubby and two of her children were able to visit mom and dad on Father's Day.

Sunday, I'll have the opportunity to see many relatives I haven't seen in awhile. My brother in law, Clint Vernoy will be preaching for my father in our a.m. service and Jayde is going to sing and play guitar for us. After church, in true family form, mom has planned a meal for all of us. I'll be making my banana pudding for the crew! I'm really looking forward to this mini-family reunion! :)

I'm off to visit a few of your blogs now. Have a blessed weekend!