Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HELLOOOOO Anybody Out There?

Whew! It's been a busy month, and it's still not over!

*Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Graduations, Parties, Baby Showers*


Some Random Thoughts:

*We had a great Memorial Day cookout with family and friends yesterday.

*We are so happy our Joshy got home safely on Sunday night.

*I loved it when I found out my nephew painted his refrigerator with chalkboard paint so his little nieces can write on it while they're here visiting in June!

*My hubby found an antique headboard and foot board for our queen bed! He spent the day putting it together! He ran into a few snags which made the job more tedious than he first expected.

*Our nephew arrived safely today from college in Indiana. He leaves us on Saturday to see his parents and brothers in Argentina.

*We ate left over burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and chips for supper.

*It rained and stormed again today, 18th day in a row. Our lakes and ponds are filling up, looking so much better than during the drought.
*I'm enjoying listening to my husband speak his beautiful Spanish on the phone with his sister who lives in Argentina.

*I can't believe my son had to leave town this morning for another job. He'll be living in an RV this week with my brother and Justin. They're about an hour and a half south of Tampa building the frame work of a new church.
*I'm so blessed to have been able to see so many friends and former students on Friday night at graduation.
*I was so thankful to hear that Shane, my cousin's son, is doing so much better.
*I'm happy my brother arrived home safely around midnight Monday night.
*I love you dear readers and those who COMMENT here on my blog.


A random photo I thought I'd share with you!

My son, Josh, gave my mom a haircut! This was before her back surgery, when she was in too much pain to visit the salon. I think he did a pretty decent job.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Congratulations To The Class of '09

and to the many West Gate Christian School seniors I know who will be marching tonight!

Katelin & Angela

Corey & Katelin

West Gate Christian School Seniors - Class of 2009

I'd also like to include a special congratulations here to Allyson (my neighbor's daughter) who will march tonight with other homeschool graduates in Orlando.

Always strive to put God first in your lives and you will be able to weather any storm which may come your way!

Proverbs 3:5&6

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct thy path."

Thursday, May 21, 2009



The following comment was left for me, giving me a sigh of relief. I'm sure prayers are still needed for proper healing, etc. Thank the Lord for this tidbit of encouraging news!
"Shane is doing much better now and is back at camp Le June. He is at the clinic there. Debi is still up there with him. His friend is on the mend too. Thanks for the prayers."

Shane with his momma, Debi. I think this was taken when she saw him off to Iraq. Not sure.
I received word Monday that my cousin's son, Shane, was in a terrible car wreck on Saturday. He's recently back from a tour of duty in Iraq, but for now is stationed at Camp Le June. His momma flew right up to be by his side. All involved need our prayers. Another young man was also in the car and it is to my understanding that his injuries are worse than Shane's.


While I'm asking for your prayers, I thought this would be a good time to include my father in law. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few years ago. He is steadily declining and experiencing the impact of the disease more and more. It's very disheartening to call and learn that he has fallen while downtown, or that his tremors are growing worse. He had his own business as a welder, but had to give that up several years ago. He's a humble, godly man who often filled the pulpit of their church when the pastor had to work overtime at his secular job.
(The little church couldn't afford to pay the full time pastor much of a salary)

Living in a "socialistic" country causes more grief to our family than you know. Many times, his prescription meds are not in stock anywhere in the large city. And we all know how dangerous it can be to take medications inconsistently! There have been a few times when my father in law couldn't get in to see a Dr. (in the Nationalized Mexican Health care system), thus, causing he and the family more stress and finally getting an appointment for him with a private Dr. - which is extremely expensive there.

Agustin Rios, Sr., Esperanza Rios, Agustin Rios, Jr., Pamela Riffe de Rios

My husband's parents in Mexico. 2009

Godlier, sweeter, harder-working people you'll never meet!

I'm so blessed to be a part of this supportive family!

My Father in Law at a wedding in 2007.

America, do we really want a government controlled,
nationalized health care system?
Parkinson's Facts:
*Nearly 5 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson's disease (PD)*
*Symptoms include tremors, slowness of movement and rigidity, problems sleeping, gastrointestinal issues, mood disorders and cognitive dysfunction.*
*No current treatment has been proven to slow or stop the progression of PD; available therapies mask symptoms, and only some symptoms at that. Treatments have serious side effects, and efficacy fades over times. For many of the most debilitating symptoms of PD, there is no effective treatment.*
For more reading about PD, visit:
or simply search *Parkinson's disease*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David and Grace's Wedding

Sweet, Simple, Small Wedding,

A young lady I've known since she was eleven years old is now a wife!


Bride's family members open their gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

Pat's creative display of flatware and napkins.

Night before the big day, the bride receives a kiss from her mom.


Presley was a little shy as the Flower Girl, but on the exit, she was really into throwing out those rose petals!

The ceremony

Matthew, the ring bearer! What a splendid job he did! He took his role very seriously.

Exiting as Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson

The Cake!

Didn't my friend Shannon do an excellent job?

The Groom's Cake!

Also made by Shannon.

My friend Pat used her talents in full force for this wedding. She not only coordinated the wedding, but also planned and prepped the entire reception! The sandwiches were gourmet!

Everything was delish!

Pretty in Pink!

Our dear friend Teresa was shocked to see how tall Shane has grown!

Mother of the bride with dear friend Brenda.

Dad seems to be reading "the riot act" to Sarah!
Dad and Pat congratulating each other on jobs well done!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Just read the last small entry I made here. Man, I shouldn't post when I'm so sleepy! I'm so embarrassed at all the mistakes it had. This post may not be much better though, due to the time. (2:26a.m.) I'm experiencing this little thing called PAIN! After the busy weekend, I expected this though.

I loved all the fun comments y'all left for me. I'll try to post photos tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to visit my cousin Gehrig's new blog HERE! It seems we've "reeled him in" to this bloggy world! BWHAAA!


Just for fun!

I've been scanning some of my dad's favorite vintage photos. I thought my cousin Ron and sister would enjoy these.

Remember all photos are clickable for better viewing.

My dad's father, Booker Clark Riffe stands in the center.

I remember Grandpa always wearing a hat unless inside of course, then the hat could be found on a peg inside the door.

The gentleman in glasses is my dad's Uncle Armour England.

The old homeplace of Uncle Armour England. This log cabin is where the England family reunion is held annually in early August. I was delighted to be able to get the key and explore the interior while I was in West Virginia last summer. I'd love to be able to restore this place inside and out!

When I toured Uncle Armour's log cabin, this sign was the first thing I saw

upon opening the door.

Somewhere in this photo is Dad's Aunt Merby.

My Granny Suzie's mother. Dad's grandma, Arminda Horne.

(Don't you just love her boots?)

Dad's Aunt Americo (Aunt Merky) with her husband. This is one of Nichotie's daughters. Nichotie being my dad's great grandmother and full blooded Cherokee! This photo was taken in coal country (West Virginia). Notice the cold, dark mountain behind them.

Ha! After publishing this on my blog, I clicked on it to enlarge and was suprised to find another man hiding behind them!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Gehrig,

Thanks for your recent comments. They have really made my day and it's especially gratifying for me to know that your visit here has caused my baby sis to experience some jealousy! hehe
If you click on any comment she leaves me as JUNGLE MOM, it will lead you to her blog. Or you can go to The Jungle Hut. If the link doesn't work, you can find a link to The Jungle Hut on my lower right side bar under "blogs I like."
The rehearsal dinner went well and all seemed to have a good time. I'm looking forward to the wedding tomorrow at 2p.m. My dear friend, Pat, is the wedding coordinator. She is an amazing woman with many talents. She and her daughters make everything they do worthy of praise.
More photos to come soon when I'm more awake!
Good night world!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Loved all the comments about mine and "Ally Jo's" meeting yesterday. I already saw her again today! She and I both said we can't wait until we need to borrow a cup of sugar, like real neighbors do! hehe

Shane is there right now playing with Jonah. I'll pick him up in a minute or two as we head out to Tampa this afternoon. Hubby and I are catering a wedding rehearsal dinner. I can't believe Gracie's wedding is tomorrow!

I'll update as soon as I can.

A Doll & A Hoot!

First - the DOLL!

I met "Ally Jo" today and Shane met her son. For those who may not have read yet, Ally Jo visited my blog a couple of weeks ago. Through days of comments back and forth and some emails, we found out we live in the same neighborhood and we both homeschool our sons! We both feel this is a blessing from God, especially after meeting today. We really seemed to hit it off. She is so down to earth and good hearted. She loves the Lord and her family. My kind of person! She has such a sweet voice and loving personality.

I called her as we were walking out our door, telling her we were in route, walking her way and we'd arrive at her house in 5 min. or less. When I turned the corner of her block, I could see that she and her son were out in their front yard and they both started waving us in! Then in a flash, she was running toward us, laughing. I knew from that moment on we'd get along just fine. Below is a video to prove how she greeted us.

Here she is running toward us. Before she began running, she yelled out,
PAM!" She looked and acted so young when I first spied her waving at us, that my first impression was that it was her teen daughter.

Our boys seemed to "click" and love the same style video games. What a blessing it was to hear their conversation coming from the front room.

Ally Jo and I visited in her den and cut out a dress pattern! I hadn't touched a pattern since high school when Maxi skirts were in and I had to sew one for Home Ec.

I met her husband briefly. His personality reminded me of my husband's; very polite and business like.

After two and a half hours, I made the move to leave. It was hard to leave such a warm, hospitable home. It was hard to break up the boys visit. Not to worry though, because they just live around the corner from us so ---WE CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW!
(just kidding, I won't be one of those obnoxious neighbors. However the invitation was put out there and I so appreciate it.)

Here is part of a comment I received tonight from Ally Jo:

"Gosh girlfriend, I'm wiped out. Allyson got home 45 seconds after y'all left. *sniff* I watched Spongebob with Jonah and slept until 4:00. My hair is washed now. Wanna come back over. Send Shane over tomorrow to play. It's going to be like sweet angels laughing again to hear kids playing in my house. God is good. And so are you. I loved talking to you and hearing so many awesome stories. You should be a writer."
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jonah & Shane, gaming!

Here she is folks! My neighbor, "Ally Jo"!

This is the sweetest cat we've ever met! She jumped up and looked sweetly into Shane's face and said, "MEOW!" (Translated, "Please pet me my new friend.)

"Ally Jo" & her handsome son. Such a sweet young man!


Remember a few posts back I put up a video of my cousin Gehrig describing what he thought was in my empty picture frame? Well --- HE'S BAAAACCCCK! He left me this adorable comment which refers to that post and includes thoughts about my Mary Kay Party as well:

"Pam....That FRAME is not EMPTY!!!!!

Come on, I don't know about you showing that work of art to women at your Mary Kay Party although I can understand why they would be interested.


Oh Gehrig, I wish you were here right now so I could hug you but you don't even need
to be here to make me giggle!
Love ya' man!
Oh, and don't be jealous! I think you're a DOLL too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling Blessed!

Yep, that's how I'm feeling tonight! I had a nice long chat with "Ally Jo" this afternoon. Goodness, she is so nice and has a sweet, Texan accent. Imagine Laura Bush speaking with you over the phone! Remember, Ally Jo (that really isn't her name come to find out, but I'll always think of her as that) lives around the corner from me, but we met via Lady Jane's blog @ Tickleberry Farm, which originates way out west! (Visiting her blog is highly suggested here!It's very peaceful, spiritual, restful, and chock full of encouragement) So....we are to meet around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, er, today! It's already Thursday, yippee! And you know me, I'll have my camera in tow so you can meet her too!

Then to top that, today "IT RAINED" good & plenty!

Now better late than never, I will post some photos from this weekend & Mother's Day!FRIDAY NIGHT was ... Girl's Night In! We played with make up and ate Red Velvet Cake! Thanks Shannon for the sample of what you'll be whipping up for Gracie's wedding on Saturday! Don't change a thing!
It was delish! Even the two eleven year old boys made lovely comments about it such as, "It's so creamy!" and "Man, that's really good cake!" What more could you want?

Grace & Maria
(once again, the empty frame hung behind them! I promise to post about that soon!)

Maria with mom and I after we played with some Mary Kay samples.

Mother & Daughter time in honor of Mother's Day
Sunday, Mother's Day, May 10

My card from Shane, too cute!

I always love me some Burt's Bees products for my lips. This packet is from Shane.

Out of all the gift bags in the closet, I thought it was so cute that he chose the jewelers bag to put the chap sticks in!

I also received this neat little gadget which works great for my arthritic hands!

From Hubby! Not really feminine, but it was on my wish list!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Hear Thunder....

and hear drops of rain! Praise the Lord! We are in such dire need of this! Hope it rains enough to count, but not too much! I have family recovering from flooding up north. How ironic!


Ally Jo and I have so much in common it seems. She found me through Lady Jane's blog. Lady Jane blogs from California! What a small world huh? I can't wait to meet Allly Jo and her family! She has an eleven year old son whom she home schools and an eighteen year old daughter who is graduating this week. She nor I allow our sons to hang out with the kids in the neighborhood. We neither one have met boys our son's age whom we would feel comfortable for ours sons to choose as best friends. This really could be such a big blessing for us both! I'm giddy with excitement to think Shane may have a fellow home schooled eleven year old boy right in the neighborhood!

Check out her blog here!

P.S. It has already stopped raining!

Prayers for my Relatives in Flooded Region

I just wanted to ask you all for prayers for many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who live in southern West Virginia. Flooding has torn through several of their small towns, now roads , bridges, and many homes are no longer. The bridge leading to my Aunt Phyllis' house is gone. The swollen creek separates her from the highway. Several schools in the area are closed due to damage. One is where my relatives teach. At this point, there can be no school and only 2 businesses are open in the entire region. There will be lots of clean up ahead. People aren't able to work their jobs or get to grocery stores. It's of my understanding that some of my family is without electricity.

One bright ray of sunshine that has come out of this tragedy is that the best of America is on display. Everyone who can get out and drive past Aunt Phyllis' house, yell from their cars, asking if they can get her something. Today she did tell one of the sweet passer-byers that she would love to have a loaf of bread! She said the general feeling is similar to what we all felt after 9-11. Of course, this isn't on the same scale as 9-11. She said people, strangers are coming together and taking time to care for others.

So far, there have been no reports of death, only devastation. You can google Gilbert, W.V. flooding to learn more. The national guard is there to distribute food and water. Thankfully, my relatives in the flooded area know Christ as Lord & Savior and are comforted in His loving arms!

Here are two links if you want to learn more.

Charleston Daily


Below are a few photos of my Aunt Phyllis and her son Gehrig when they visited with us in April. You just have to watch this short video! You'll see a video of Gehrig being his jolly self, describing the painting on my wall. LISTEN TO HIS INFECTIOUS LAUGH! He flew to the Tampa area to see if he could be a candidate for a specific eye surgery. Unfortunately, the Doc told him the surgery would do no more than if he wore glasses. He didn't seem all that disappointed about the diagnosis. He said he was just thrilled to be able to attend a "Tax Protest Tea Party" while in Tampa. This kid is so lovable. Well, I guess I should call him a man, a master black belt and instructor in Karate, as well as a history teacher. He and I had some great political discussions. He has an entire campaign planned if he were to ever run for political office in his state. He said first off, being albino would give him a different look which would set him apart from the other candidates. Next, he believes he would get the miner's votes and the teacher's votes. Lastly, he said he'd definitely win with his slogan, which would be, "You can't VOTE against Justice!" (Justice is his last name!)

I'll do a whole other post about that empty frame some day!

Dinner out! Guess where? Agustin, Gehrig, Aunt Phyllis, Pam, Loretta, Shane

Agustin, Gehrig, Aunt Phyllis, Pam, Loretta

Our server was from Russia and such a sweet girl. Please pray for her. She's going through some heavy health issues. Click to get a closer look at her beautiful smile! You'd never know she was a single mom fighting for her health would you?

Aunt Phyllis, Loretta, Gehrig, Pam

This photo was taken before mom's back surgery. She was in so much pain here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To All My Wonderful Mommy Friends

Happy Mother's Day!

I wasn't able to attend any Mother & Daughter Teas this year, so I thought I would FINALLY post some photos from one that I attended last year at my parent's church.

You know me, I'm always a little late!

The cute little flower shaped cucumber & cream cheese tea sandwiches!

My place at the table. Mom decorated this one with her own china. Notice the photo of mom, my sister Rita and I which she had thoughtfully placed at my seat.

Some of the yummies created by my friend Pat and her daughters. Top level, scones! Bottom level, chicken salad croissants and tiny tea sandwiches!

Different ladies in the church volunteer to decorate and set the tables. Their guests sit with them the day of the tea. This is mom's table.

Me & Mom
May, 2008

Some of the ladies who attended.

Our guest speaker and soloist.

More attendees.


The gift laden table! Mom always plans on giving away MANY gifts!

The program.

Look what I got in my Mary Kay gift bag! Eyeshadow samples and lipsticks.

Shane @ Chuck E. Cheese's

Josh @ a hotel
Two blessings God entrusted to me.