Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fun with "Picmonkey"!!!

Sunday night after church, we had a surprise birthday party for Sarah!
And I've been dying for some time to upload and edit the photos using a new site called "Picmonkey".
You should try it out. It is very similar to Picnick, which sadly is closing down on April 19th. I was so happy that Jenn, one of the creators of Picmonkey took the time to leave a comment on my blog informing me of this new site for photo editing. I had a blast playing on the site, learning how the tools worked. Sarah's birthday photos below are my "guinea pigs" so to speak, as I am new to photo editing and this felt like a fun experiment!
And to sweet Sarah let me say, I hope you enjoy what I've done here! :)

 I've known Sarah since she was eleven years old or so We used to go to southern gospel concerts and I loved watching her (and my niece) get all starry eyed while getting certain some one's autographs! Goodness, I've taken so many pictures of those giddy girls! It was fun watching Sarah grow and mature and walk in the paths of righteousness. Now she is my Sunday School teacher!! That's hard for me to get my head around since I still see Sarah as a little preteen girl in my mind's eye. I really do enjoy her insight and love for the Lord. She loves to read and study. She is one of the high-school teachers at Hope Children's Home. She is faithful to church visitation. She sings solos during our services. She loves doing special things for others! (HMM, I wonder where she gets that from? Her mom perhaps?) Sarah is single but has faith that if and when God wants her to marry, HE will let her path cross with Mr. Right's path! (Note photo of her birthday cake!)

Shannon Green of Green Mommy Diapers out-did herself again!

This cake was simple and neat;  just as we requested!

Little Malik enjoyed the cheese curls!

Sarah with her Grandpa and brother!