Sunday, August 18, 2013

Look Who Is Coming!


My hubby’s mom and one of his brothers are coming for a week long visit! Their plane lands at 4 p.m. Monday evening!!! This year, they’re coming to help us celebrate his BIG 50!!! We, umm I mean, he (my hubby)  is hoping his mama feels well enough to make some of her tamales while here!!! They are the best I've ever eaten. Honestly!



Here are a few photos of my husband with his mom and brother Elias when they flew up for his birthday in 2009. We had just feasted on tamales, beans, and rice which were accompanied with some of my mother in law's home made salsas! YUM! I can't wait!



Misc. Family 031Misc. Family 033Misc. Family 032

Now on to some house keeping(literally, I still have two bathrooms to clean and a kitchen floor to scrub!) But I really need to get some housekeeping about my blog out of the way.


So ... two months ago, I bragged about how my blog would be seeing more action from me now that I'm experiencing better health these days. WELL.....OOPS! Sorry little blog! I suppose I've been feeling SO much better that I've been SO much busier than I had anticipated. It's great being able to get out of the house more for special events and socializing. Even running errands is a blessing to me! I'm so grateful for my praying friends who have interceded on my behalf!


Today was a wonderful day at church. My kiddos in Children's Church were in wonderful moods. After church, a bunch of us from church went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants where we surprised a dear sister in Christ. Vera has lymphoma and is fighting her fourth round right now. She maintains her testimony for Christ and maintains a good attitude and a hope that God will use her through this illness to be a witness for HIM. She and her husband bless my heart beyond measure. They bought a huge van specifically to drive all or at least as many of their grandchildren as possible to church each week. Most are in my class. Even on days Vera is in horrific pain or very weak, she pushes on. Please remember she and her husband David in prayer. May they experience God's grace and power during these difficult days. Oh and our surprise party for her was a home run! We made her cry, so that's always good, right??  :)

Since I don’t think those bathrooms and that kitchen floor are going to scrub themselves,  I best sign out now. Y'all take care, ya' hear!


Pat said...

Do you have home delivery for the Mexican food for friends that live not too far away??

Mari said...

Sounds like you've been busy! The surprise party for Vera sounds wonderful. Enjoy the time with family!

Susan said...

Would love to sample one of those tamales!!! Yes!!!!! We must try and arrange meeting when we get to Florida. How many miles apart will that be, Pam? Let me know.

Humble wife said...

Woohooo!! Fifty and family! Didn't Rita sneak up for your 5oth? You are all so wonderful and I am happy that you get to have the bestest tamales. My motherinlaw is like yours and boy the food is heavenly!

By the way, I did not see it when I saw the photos in 2009, but boy oh boy Shane looks like his tio! Wowwww.

Have a great visit with the family and Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie!!!


Teresa Maynard said...

Great read my dear! So happy to know you are feeling so well. I could almost taste your description of your Mother in Laws food, yummo!