Monday, January 21, 2013

Making Get Well Cards



We have two ladies in our church who are recuperating from falls and subsequent surgeries. So after our lesson on Sunday, I asked the children if they would like to make some Get Well cards for these ladies.  They jumped at the idea with smiles. So we scurried to get all of our supplies together and they got busy.

One of my goals for these children is to help them realize they are the hands and feet of Christ. I want them to learn from their own experiences the joys one receives from doing for others.

I hope you take the time to enlarge each photo and read the precious notes these kids wrote. I’m so blessed to have these children in my life and I’m positive these two ladies will receive a sweet blessing from these simple cards. What about you? What would your reaction be if you received a sweet, handmade card made by precious children?


I am so blessed to have these children in my life!So precious! I know this card will brighten Martha's day.2013 01 20_04242013 01 20_04252013 01 20_04262013 01 20_04272013 01 20_04282013 01 20_0429Matthew's card to Martha Palmer.Kodi's card, just precious!Madison's card impressed me!2013 01 20_04332013 01 20_0434Seth's cardCamron working on his cardMacayla and Bethany hard at work!Kodi always pays attention to details!Matthew adding stickers to the Get Well card he made.

Children's Church making Get Well cards for Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Palmer

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 ~ T.V. SHOW

For January Photo A Day meme

Ah this one is easy! Right now my favorite T.V. show is

My son recently introduced this comedy series to me. I've fallen in love with all the cast and their zany characters! I can't believe I didn't know it has been on USA network for some 6 or 7 years now. Thanks to NETFLIX, I'm catching up on all the seasons I missed! Are any of you fans?

Oh and I have a MUST MENTION! Can you imagine my pure delight when I happened upon a new show on HGTV today? It's called __________________??? I'm not telling!! Click on this link to see why this show is right up my alley!! ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10 ~ TO DO...


What about you? Do you dare share a photo of your desk? Of course you may not be as "paperwork challenged" as I am!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Day 9 ~ Favorite...

The word for today is FAVORITE. I chose to post about my two most favorite pieces of jewelry!! They have sentimental value far above earthly value! The first is my Wedding Ring which is an antique pearl ring from Spain. It once was worn by my husband's grandmother! I was amazed when Agustin presented it to me on the day he asked me to marry him! It didn't look quite like this back then though. It had golden prongs coming around the pearl, sort of like a birdcage, but the tips of the prongs were open, not connected to each other. The pearl was loose inside the prongs and moved around. After my first baby was born, I somehow caught one of the prongs on a piece of the baby's clothing and it broke off. I knew that if I broke one more of those fragile prongs, my pearl would roll right out of it's little cage! One day while I was at work my husband took the ring to the jeweler's to inquire about the best way to go to secure the pearl. He suggested that all prongs be removed, melted down and a base formed from them, then set the pearl permanently on that base. That's what we did. I have worn it daily since then. I do not wash dishes or shower with it on though. This rings means so much to me!

The second piece of my favorite jewelry is the little heart pendant you see in the photo. It means the world to me because it was the first gift my two sons joined together to buy for me! They gifted it to me on Mother's Day many years ago when Shane, my second born, was only 2 years old. This little piece of my jewelry also has a story to tell. You see, I was going to give my makeup drawer in my vanity counter a quick spruce up. I just stuck the end of the hose of my mean ol' KIRBY vacuum in the drawer thinking that was a quick way to remove hairs from the corners of the drawer. I had forgotten I had placed my MOM pendant necklace in there for SAFE KEEPING! Ha! I was reminded about it though as soon as I heard that horrific sound;  the sound of it getting tangled around some of the mechanics of my vacuum!! My honey dumped the bag and dug through, finding all pieces of the necklace. The chain was in several pieces and the little heart was bent and doubled up - which meant MY REAL HEART felt bent and doubled up as well. Agustin washed it off and placed all the pieces in a baggie. I finally took it into the jeweler's today and he straightened out the heart. I still need to purchase a fine gold chain for it. The chain was irreparable. 

Now as I conclude this little post I realize I am a tad hard on my jewelry!!
It's not too late to join in on the fun with us at The Idea Room for January Photo A Day!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Catching Up ~ Days 6, 7, & 8

Whew! Since I've been immobile with an excruciating RA flare the past two weeks, I've gotten terribly behind with household chores and desk work. Playing catch up in those two areas alone has taken up most of my "good hours" during each day. That hasn't included much blogging or face booking time for me these past few days; but it does mean I'm doing much better and getting back to living my life!!! I'm afraid many don't realize that with this chronic illness (an auto-immune disease), I have a small window of time each day to be productive. I do appreciate all of my wonderful praying friends! I am reaping the benefits of each prayer you offered up on my behalf! I'm not totally out of pain and I still have substantial swelling in most joints, but I am functioning and getting a few hours of deep, healing, rejuvenating sleep each night.

I'm delighted to tell you that I'm also on day five of the Cabbage Soup Seven Day Diet and I'm feeling positive results! As of day three, I had lost two pounds! hip hip hooray!! I can't wait to weigh again on Sunday! See the diced fresh veggies in the picture below? That is the beginning of the base for my cabbage soup. I love seeing the pretty colors come together in the pot! After sauteing, seasoning, adding the cabbage and tomatoes further on in the process, I must say, it came out delicious!

Let's eat!

Well now that the "housekeeping" issues are out of the way here, (my explaining why I'm behind on the Photo A Day meme) I shall commence on "Catching Up" with some photos!

Day 6 ~ Work!

This is my son Josh painting his grandmother's kitchen.

Day 7 ~ Rest!

I can't find  a picture of me doing anything restful, but I did come across this sweet photo of my son Josh relaxing with baby Abbie, his cousin's little one.

 Day 8 ~ I AM...Me!

Top row: I am a wife, a mother of two handsome fellows, the sister of a red head!
(That's her surprising me on my fiftieth birthday! She had to fly all the way from Paraguay to pull it off!)

Middle row: I am the zany friend, a follower of Christ and I love His Word, a singer!
(I'm in the green, singing with friends around my organ!)

Bottom row: I am the Mother of a beautiful fur-child, a teacher of children, a foodie!
(I'm eating a steak & cheese sub at Portillo's of Chicago!)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Day 5 ~ EARLY


My cup full of coffee w/ cream!!! YUM!

Come join us in The Idea Room for this fun meme! It helps me stay on target of posting something each day of January, even if it is a simple picture. I hope this will help launch me back into the habit of journaling our lives on my blog more consistently!


Friday, January 04, 2013

Day 4 ~ Bright!

Guest bath vanity lights!

Photo A Day meme at The Idea Room

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 3 ~ Organized!



I’m participating in another Photo A Day meme for the month of January and our word on the list  for today is “ORGANIZE”. I hope that means to START organizing!!


I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of pain for the past two weeks and haven’t been able to do daily household chores much less attempt to put away our Christmas décor. But thank the Lord, today I felt enough reprieve from pain that I excitedly pulled some boxes to the middle of our garage floor and began packing away our Christmas decorations. This should all be put away by tomorrow. I still have to take down the tree.


Another area that needs my attention and some purging is our office. We moved in a year ago and I still haven’t gotten the office organized, but that all changes this month!



What about you? Have you been bitten by the PURGING BUG or ORGANIZING BUG already this New Year?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Resolution for the New Year

 DAY 2 ~ Photo A Day @ #theidearoom

You can see "resolution" is listed as our photo topic for today, January 2. 2013. 
 Join in the fun at The Idea Room

I do this at the start of each new year, make a resolution, even though I know I will fail at some point. (You know the old regulars like *lose weight * get in better shape * exercise more.....). Many folks scoff at the idea of making "New Year's Resolutions" but I know you agree with me about the importance of us all having goals of some sort.  I mean, that is one of the things I find so exciting about a new year - turning the page! It's the feeling of a new beginning!

See these beautiful little ones in the photos below?
My resolution for 2013 is to spend more time with these kiddos! 

At our church, I am the Children's Church teacher. I enjoy preparing the lessons and snacks for each week. The children are sweet and very loving in my class - (most of the time) *smiles*. However, with the recent realization of just how fast they're growing up and how the world is vying for their attention already, it has recently laid heavy on my heart that I need to reach out and try to become more involved with them during the week. An hour or so at church on Sunday morning and a snack from a loving teacher just isnt' enough. That's not going to cut it in giving them the spiritual strength, knowledge, and tools they need to stand up to the many hurtful temptations in this fallen world. I ask you to pray with me for the precious young lives I am a part of. I've lived with a chronic illness since the age of 27. 
for the past two months, my disease has been in a very active mode. I see a new specialist soon. I need to feel better physically in order to follow through with what the Lord has laid on my heart, so I'd appreciate your prayers in the specific area of my health.

I know they will most likely make some poor decisions in the future, but I have been there, done that. If/When that happens, I hope to be there with unconditional love for them;  to help dust them off and get them going on the right track again.

Things I have in mind for the year as my health allows:

*Invite the child's family to our home for a meal; include a short devotion.

*Invite one child at a time to spend a Sunday afternoon with us.

*Let children take turns helping Shane and I pass out food & water bottles to the homeless.

*Deep clean the classroom together on a Saturday. Pizza party afterwards.

*If you have any suggestions on ways I can disciple these children more frequently, I'd love to hear them. The logistics will be interesting since the children and I live in scattered towns.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

12:01 am ~ Happy New Year!!

No New Year's Eve party for us this year. Agustin had to work. But after I spent a quiet night at home, sick I might add, he surprised me by walking in the door about five minutes to midnight!
My honey, it seems, was able to steal away from work just in time to step in the door and watch the ball drop with me, then...
the New Year's kiss!
Oh, did I mention he brought home Mexican food too?

I'm participating in #The Idea Room's Photo A Day meme.

Here's her list of some of the fun things we'll be capturing with our cameras and posting either to Instagram, Twitter, or our Blogs.

Why don't you join in the fun with us?!?