Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Make a Pressed Cuban Sandwich | eHow.com

Now that we're living in Tampa again, we're enjoying running to the local Cuban Mom and Pop places for authentic Cuban sandwiches. A new place opened here about seven months ago which Agustin stumbled upon by accident. We've been three times this month already! Not only do they serve great hot pressed Cubans, but authentic hot Cuban dishes as well. (I'm referring to sandwiches and food here people!) LOL

Nani's is located in Seminole Heights on Nebraska Avenue, just south of Idlewild Avenue and is owned and operated by Nani's daughter. She uses her mom's authentic home recipes in her restaurant. It's very clean and Nani's daughter is so friendly. (I need to ask her name the next time I'm in her place. *blushing*) I probably have to say that I like the the Cuban sandwiches from Papi's better, but Nani's is a restaurant with booths and outdoor seating as well. Papi's is a deli/grocery and you have to order your sandwiches to go. I haven't found a website for Nani's but you can google it and see photos of some delicious food from their menu!

For those of you who live in Tampa, consider giving Nani's a visit. They're only opened for breakfast and lunch. I think they close at 3p.m. If you can't make a trip to Tampa, you can peruse the link I've included here to make your own hot, pressed, Cubans at home! If you can't find authentic Cuban bread in your area, try a French loaf. ENJOY!

How to Make a Pressed Cuban Sandwich eHow.com

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Time To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

Poor thing's been hissing and clawing to get out for days!
So so so very much has happened since I last posted here. I've been teasing on Face book about "Letting the Cat out of the bag." Let me cut right to the chase here and let that poor Cat out right now! Last week, we moved to another city, closer to my husband's work. (whew! now that poor cat can breathe!) Agustin was transferred in December and has already grown tired of a near hour commute to and from work. But for today, I'm happy to report that we are all doing fine and recouping from the decisions and move quite well. Since I didn't say a peep about us moving before hand, I felt as though I was keeping a huge secret from all of my friends. It was kind of exhilarating feeling like a sneaky snake! LOL

We haven't found another home yet that feels like the proper fit, so we are staying with my parents in the city. I sort of feel as though I'm on a mini-vacation because our belongings, for the most part, are in a storage unit. I find it freeing to not have so much stuff to worry about day to day. My home needed some purging, and boy did I ever purge as I packed last week! It was really quite fun! It did frustrate me to see my empty office. I could have enjoyed it so much more for these past five years had I decluttered sooner!
Italic Look Jackie! I finally have a clean desk!

Too bad it took a move to get me to clean my office!

We rented the largest U-Haul truck available! I had to take a shot of these words since we were moving in with my mom and dad on a temporary basis.
"Mom's Attic"
I'd like to give a big shout out to our son, Josh and Shane, and to my mom for all their help with the packing and loading.
We couldn't have done it without you!
Friday, baby brother is flying in as he needs to pick up some important documents. Our mother has planned to prepare all of his favorite meals! He is her baby after all.

While Agustin and Shane played at Busch Gardens today, mom and I took a whirlwind tour through IKEA. I saw several items I liked but am holding off purchasing things until I see exactly what type of home I wind up living in. We plan on downsizing so our new mantra is "Simplify,Simplify,Simplify!"I did purchase a tea infuser and Mom bought some cute, round, black place mats and dishtowels.

I can't believe another weekend is already upon us since the move. Last Saturday, we went with friends to the annual Strawberry Festival in Plant City. This year we chose not to ride anything, but we did enjoy the booths, crafts, cooking shows, natural remedy liniments (yeah weird huh?), and of course all the food that is so bad for us! The best part was eating strawberries and ice cream with friends and introducing a recently arrived northerner to the festival.

Loretta, Meredith, Missy, and Pam (I'm the big red strawberry on the end)arriving at the Strawberry Festival,
Plant City, Fl
I'm wondering if the place will EVER be the same!

We appreciated the fact that the good folks at *Brandon Farms* know who the credit belongs to!

I must not close this post without proclaiming the goodness of our Heavenly Father! God has been so very good to us. It never ceases to amaze me how HE works everything out. I saw several miracles last week during the course of our moving adventure
His timing is always perfection!

I have many burdens upon my heart at this time and would certainly be grateful
for your prayer support.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dilly Dallying

That's what today's beautiful weather calls for! I've decided that for today, I'm going to Dilly Dally! Do you ever take a day to just Dilly Dally? The low humidity, the warming sun, the breeze and temps outside call for time outdoors today. I'm thinking a walk with my doggie, then some reading out on the back patio, enjoying the breeze coming in off our little lake. Oh but first, LUNCH with my hubs who just happens to be off today!

So how is your weather where you live? How are you spending your Tuesday?
It always makes me laugh!