Monday, September 30, 2013

So I Wasn't As Committed As I Thought I Was!

Ummm, blushing here! I started this month off determined to capture a photo a day, correlated with the list of ideas furnished by Amy at TheIdeaRoom but instead, I got ... oh shall we say,

I think I will end the month with her prompt - "FALL IS..."
So here we go! To me FALL IS...decorating with rich, warm colors
and having friends over for meals!

I have been productive this month and feeling happy about my health and accomplishments. Just last week, I sequestered myself in our church building Monday - Friday, working 10 hour days. Our church homecoming was this Sunday and I wanted to spiffy up our church facilities best as possible. I started with the nursery on that first day and finished up the week by painting bookshelves in our supply room. I warned everyone to stay far away from me that week unless they wanted to be Bleached, Scrubbed with Murphy's Oil Soap, Painted, or Waxed!!! Around 8:30 or 9:00 each night, I'd walk over to my parents home to eat a late supper,
bathe, and sleep. 
Being able to work hard physically is a big deal for me! You see, about 6 months ago, I would NOT have been able to help my church in this capacity. My health was so poor and my pain was very intense. I am so thankful for God's guidance to great doctors, new treatments, and new medicines;  but I am most grateful for praying friends and answered prayers!
I so enjoyed my week working at church. I still have many things I want to accomplish there in the buildings, but this week I think I should concentrate on my own home! I only saw Shane, Agustin, and my Delilah once during the entire week!!!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Neighborly Surprise and "Catch Up" with the PHOTO A DAY challenge!

Okay, first the neighborly part:

If you ask me, I have one of the best neighbors ever! She is great about checking on me and keeping me up to date with things going on in the neighborhood. She even ventured out in one of our terrible storms this summer to drive me to a doctor’s appointment on the spur of the moment. (My other ride was late getting into town and I wasn’t allowed to drive due to recent surgery.)

She teaches 5th grade and has recently started this year's school term. I saw a cute little something in Cracker Barrel yesterday and she came to mind.

What about you? Have you done something nice for your neighbors recently?


I truly try to write nicely but my damaged wrists and fingers won't permit! :(

Now the "catch up" part! I am determined to post a photo a day on my blog! I have been keeping up with this challenge on my other social media but have forgotten to post the photos here;  so if you really think you can't live another day without seeing my "photo a day" (sarcasm, yes), then feel free to find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so that you can view these amazing photos and make your world right again! ;)

 Day Six, Friday - a circle:
Actually, LOTS of CIRCLES!
(I'm having fun spray painting circular things for a fall craft project I'll be doing with my kiddos in Children's Church tomorrow!)

Day Seven, Saturday - a pathway:
The pathway alongside our house.

Below is Amy's list in case you want to join in on
September's Photo A Day challenge!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Day One–Inspire

I’m playing along by posting a daily photograph describing the word or category prompt for that day at  #theidearoom on Instagram or at  If you would like to join in the fun, you can access the list and the guidelines by clicking on the link above to see what is next. It’s interesting to see what others have chosen to photograph for their daily entry.

2012 09 30_0104

For today's prompt, the word INSPIRE caused me to write about my Dad and Mom. My parents are an inspiration to me! Both of them are in their seventies and have many health issues; but nothing seems to stop them! My husband and I say they remind us of tenacious bulldogs, but in a good way!  Winking smile By God’s grace, mom and dad both carry on serving Christ daily and remain flexible to serve others in a magnificent way. There is no way I could keep up with their schedules! Whew!

My dad is Senior Pastor at our church in Tampa. He counsels families and hurting folks almost on a daily basis. Not only is my Mom a full time Pastor’s wife, she continues to work an outside, full time job and several part time jobs. (She doesn’t consider the part time jobs work-just a way to help out friends.)

I love you mom and dad and appreciate your love for the Lord and your example of doing for others. I know it is HE who gives you both the strength to do all that you do.