Monday, November 09, 2009

Agustin Being Interviewed This Minute!

Asking for prayers as my husband continues looking for a new job. He is in a promising interview right now. It began at 3pm our time.
I miss you all so much. I hope to get back into a routine soon.
EDT: Agustin just returned from his interview. It lasted only 40 minutes. He feels like it was just getting a "foot in the door" type meeting. However, he found that two of his former employees from Olive Garden are now employed at that same restaurant he interviewed for!
Here are a few more photos from dad's surprise event on September 26th. It was such a sweet time of hugs, surprises, fellowship, kind-heart felt words! A great time of remembering how God intertwined so many precious lives! Dad was truly amazed and oh so blessed.

Ron and Pat McQuain surprised all of us - (Yes, even me!) by flying down from Ohio. What sweet testimonies these two had to share with us. Pat was her usual, funny self. FYI: Ron used to be Secret Service back up for Richard Nixon! He installed all the radio and communications in the presidential limo for Nixon, which is now in a museum! He said seeing his work in a museum sure made him feel old! :)

Aw, Bob and Fern West! They only had to drive over from Ocala area. What a sweet Christian couple these two make. Bob's testimony dealt with how my dad spent time with him, praying and sharing scriptures, as he struggled with the security of his salvation. Dad finally said, "Bob you just aren't believing God's Word." Bob then realized that was his hang up. Since that day, he has decided to take God at his word and now lives a victorious, Christian life.
Fern is by far one of the most godly women I know! Fern had a book with her which my dad gave her all those years ago in Ohio. He saw in her a natural, God given ability to teach women. The book was titled, "Competent to Counsel". Her testimony brought tears!

Joe and Cindy West! Two of the sweetest people you could meet! He was called into ministry while dad was their pastor.

Bob and Becky! Great couple with a thriving youth ministry in Jacksonville! He too was called while attending our church in Ohio. He had us both crying and laughing during his testimony.

The huge surprise of the day!
I had mom and dad turn to face the baptistery while Pastor Kaster and his wife Linda approached the platform. Pastor Kaster ordained my father into the ministry back in the seventies. Dad served on the deacon board which called Pastor Kaster to our church there in Greenville, S.C. My parents and the Kasters hadn't seen each other since the early 1980's! It was quite an emotional outburst when mom and dad turned around and saw dear friends on the platform there with them!
Max and Linda drove down from South Carolina.

Hopefully, I can share more about dad's big day soon.