Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day Out With Kristin

One of my favorite days while in West Virginia this summer was the day I spent with Kristin. She drove me into Beckley where we got mani/pedis and ate at Texas Steakhouse. That evening, we met up with her grandparents at church for the last night of revival services. Kristin is a young lady desiring to be as close to her Savior as possible. She has a dynamic testimony for God, His  love, and protection. When visiting with Kristin, you sense a calmness and easiness about her.  I love you Kristin and would sure love another day out with you!

Delightful Kristin, my cheauffeur!

                    A beautiful drive to Beckley, West Virginia.

This is the road to nowhere. Literally! the highway ended right here so we took a right turn. There is talk that the highway may be complete ONE DAY!

                                     I love the shaded, country highways!

A little coal camp we had to drive through.

You can see how the road was carved out of a rocky mountain!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Granny Susie Reincarnated??

While visiting in West Virginia this summer, I met this dear lady at one of the churches I attended. I have to ask all my Riffe cousins out there; do you see a resemblance to our Granny Susie in her younger days? Aunt Catty was the first to point it out. After my aunt introduced us, I knew I just had to have my picture taken with this lady. Shamefully, I can't even remember this sweet lady's  name right now, but I was thinking of my sister Rita and cousins Roy, Beki, Deb, and Ron when I asked for her picture. I knew you all would get a hoot out of it! Or am I way off base here? Maybe there is no resemblance at all!! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Surprising My Cousins at School

I'm re-living my early days of summer. Shane and I flew to West Virginia the first week of June. The day after our arrival there, my Aunt Phyllis and I drove to the local elementary school which is where both of my parents and most aunts and uncles attended back in the day! I loved walking through the halls and imagining my parents walking in those same hallways in years gone by. First we stopped by my cousin Alicia's first grade classroom. EMPTY! We then meandered down to another cousin's classroom, EMPTY! A few more steps down the hall revealed that most elementary children were outside on the playground, It was afterall, just two days before summer vacation was to start! Out the double glass doors we strolled, I with video camera ready. I just knew I'd see a few surprised reactions. In the video, you'll see them too. What a great memory for me to re-live!
                Cousins! I surprised Donna and Alicia by simply walking onto the school playground!
Some of Alicia's first grade students. They were the sweetest children I'd ever met!

Was Donna surprised???