Friday, July 25, 2008


What type of Mother Hen Are You?
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Hi! Yes it's really me. We've been home for over a week now and I just can't seem to decide on how to blog about this fantastic vacation. I must say it was the best I can remember! I have so many photos. Maybe not so many, only around 360 or so! Don't worry - I won't post them all!

I've learned so much more about my heritage! I've toured my great, great Uncle Armour's hand hewn log home. I've been boating and picnicing. I've watched old family films from the 60's. I've eaten like crazy! I've been loved on and fawned over by relatives. I've seen where my mom played as a little girl. I've been in the home my dad lived in from a pre-teen until he married. I've watched my son shoot a firearm for the first time. I could go on and on with a list. I will upload photos soon and try to share a little of the details concerning my splendid vacation.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've Arrived!

We spent last night in Charlotte, N.C. and drove on into West Virginia today. We're at my cousin Tara's beautiful mountain home where it is raining softly and I'm looking out the dining room window taking in the beautiful, peaceful mountain view in Princeton.

We were just fed the best food! Tara is no longer the little girl I remember, but a sweet mama and wonderful housekeeper! I have so enjoyed her hospitality and lovin'! She really knows how to make a person feel special!

We still have 2 hours worth of driving on into deeper territory. (That's how I look at it anyway!)

More later with photos I hope!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh One More Thing!

To see my cousin Mark's wedding photos, click on the link below, then scroll down to the post titled,
Jessica and Mark's Wedding-June 21, 2008
Enjoy! I did!

Note for Rita and Jackie-Keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of Alan, Garrin, Gehrig as they were the groomsmen. Toward the beginning you'll see Aunt Cat and Uncle Ted, (she's really blonde) and then toward the end, Alicia - caught the bouquet for her 17th time! Oh and Garrin caught the garter for his 6th time! LOL

Quick Post

I should be in bed already. We leave around 9 in the morning, heading to West Virginia and the annual family reunion. I'm so excited! We haven't gone in years. I think Shane was about 5 years old the last time we were up there. I was born in the mountains of W. Va. but moved to California as a 2 year old little girl. I love the sound of the creek at night flowing right past the front yards of my relatives homesteads. One reason I'm so psyched about this particular trip is because my sister and I have been researching our family heritage.

RITA-I spoke with cousin Alicia today and boy oh boy, will I have a surprise for you when I return! Maybe even while up there I can let you in on my little secret! Here's a hint: Alicia can get a key!! Oh I know you're gonna kill me for that one! LOL
Oh my and if the logistics all work out, I might get to meet my blogging buddy, Kristi!! A.K.A.HappyMama! We have so so much in common! Her folks are even from W. Va. and her grandma was full blooded Cherokee! So much more to our lives stories that I'll have to tell you at another time.

Today was hectic. None of us slept last night due to Shane's coughing and crying with an earache. Agustin had to work. I had planned on taking Shane in to the pediatric's early but he had just fallen to sleep around 7 a.m. Thank the Lord, our pediatric offices offer extended hours, so I made an appointment for 6:20 this evening. Yep, sure enough, the little fella's cold had settled in his left hear. INFECTION! Anitbiotics and numbing drops were prescribed. Doc said thankfully we weren't flying on Tuesday. Isn't that so typical though, for a child to get sick right before or during vacation!?

I scurried around all day doing the following:
*chatting on phone with Aunt Catty
*did laundry
*chatting on phone with Cousin Alicia
*chatting on the phone with Cousin Ronnie
*began packing my suitcase
*watched the heavy rain from my living room window
*ran into library, renewed one book, checked out 3 more on Native Americans
*waited for Shane to choose some books. He chose 3 Star Wars paper backs and 1 Bionicle for the trip.
*took Shane to Dr.
*dropped off prescriptions at pharmacy
*took Shane for haircut
*ran into Best Buy to purchase a power adapter for our laptop, oh and bought a movie while there - "FlyBoys"! A great movie we saw about a year ago.
*stopped by pharmacy to pick up scripts and coffee (Gotta have my cup o' joe in the morning!)
*returned home to continue laundry and packing
*enjoying the rain STILL! Thank you Lord, no complaints here. Our little earth needed that refreshement.
*ate supper very late
*spoke with brother on phone ("John, may I please borrow some of your cool movies to watch on the trip?")
*spoke with my son on the phone ("Josh, may I please borrow some of your cool movies to watch on the trip?")
*washed up dishes, cleaned kitchen, wiped down counters and floor
*folded towels
*administered Shane's meds
*checked my Caller I.D. Saw I'd missed a call from Rita.
*paid a few bills on line
*read a few blogs
*answered a few emails
*spent time in prayer for my "Hearts In One Accord" commitment
*typed this post
*crashed into bed!

Now I leave you with some photos from my last trip to West Virginia and our Family Reunion!2003 It's not a complete trip to West Virginia without a good, competitive game of family volley ball! Agustin in red shirt, Jewel Vernoy in white top and black bottoms, my Josh in center wearing Bucs jersey, Josh Vernoy in blue checkered shirt, my baby brother wearing sleeveless gray shirt and khaki pants. They had a blast!
Mom with Uncle Ted, holding his grandson Blaine.
And who might this be? TWINS YOU SAY? Nope, just cousins but everyone thinks Donna and I could pass for sisters at least!

Uncle Elzie and Aunt Rachel - still so in love after all those years!

Shane is in orange shirt. This was his first time to play in a little brook. He LOVED getting dirty! (We are such city-slickers!)

Doing the IMPORTANT STUFF - EATING!!! Agustin in red, my daddy in the cap, Shane in orange, my Josh in white sports jersey, Jackie peeking over his shoulder, Clint on end standing, Josh Vernoy in checkered shirt, my mom next to him in sunglasses, my brother John, and our cousin Alicia. I guess I was the one behind the camera taking this shot!
Dad asking the blessing over the food. This is the same bandstand on which the Bluegrass Band performed all day! So authentic!

Agustin and I about 5 years ago.

Monday, July 07, 2008

...and so, how was your fourth?

Ours was wonderful!

Years ago, when I was still living with my parents, mom had a friend make these little shoes for each of us children.

Isn't it adorable?

A simple center piece. We needed lots of space for all the food!

On this 4th of July
we experienced:

*a home full of loved ones and friends
*patriotic decorations galore
*great food from the grill
*yummy desserts

*moving music
*lots of laughter (especially during board games!)
*catching up with old friends
*friendly banter

*a visit with our neighbors

*feelings of safety and freedom


Well looky here at who came to visit for the day! (I once was an avid collector of all things bears!)
These charms for our drinkware were a hit! Everybody loved 'em!

Georgiann with her daughter Julia, Peggy with her daughter Tiffany.

The goblets all dressed up and identified!

The music we listened to through out the day.

Let the fireworks begin!

Peggy, Tiffany, Me, Julia, Josh

Our neighbor with her French Poodle, Casper!

July 5th, All the decor gathered, ready to be put back in storage!


We'll be leaving town for vacation on Tuesday. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to log on while I'm away, but my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you. Believe me when I say, 'I'll check in each and every chance I get!' Would you mind offering prayers up on our behalf as we travel from flat Florida into mountainous West Virginia?May God's rich blessings be upon you.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Worth Taking 5 Minutes

I LOVED the way Mr. Poe (in the following video) articulated MY thoughts to a tee! Too bad Mr. Gore and the MSM (main stream media) can't be as honest and articulate with their facts! The ending of this 5 minute speech was my favorite part.