Tuesday, March 05, 2013


If you know anything about the game Minecraft, then you'll know what a CREEPER is. It's an object that follows you around in the game and if it gets too close to you - it blows up! I usually am not a "creeper" but on Father's Day, 2012, a remarkable thing happened! My mom, my niece Jayde, my son Shane, and I became CREEPERS!! Oh but be not dismayed:  we do not blow up at the end of this story! 

Let me start at the beginning. We had a very sick friend who needed some cheering up.  We decided to drive Jayde and her "road manager" (that's what we jokingly called Shane) over to a friend's home so my niece could play and sing for him.

About five minutes from mom's house, while stopped at a red light, I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of us.

"Mom, does that bumper sticker say Paraguay?" I  asked.

"Yeah I think it does!" she replied excitedly.

Then an even more excited voice asked from the back seat, "Does it have a 200 on it?"

I squinted my eyes to check. "Why yes, it does. Why?" I answered.

Then I remembered that Jayde had won a contest at school in Paraguay for creating a new seal to celebrate the nation's 200th anniversary. Of course, while I was remembering that, Jayde exclaimed, "That's my design!" We all began squealing!

Well, by ALL, I mean all of the FEMALES in the car.  I don't think Shane squealed, cuz he's cool like that.
(and he's a male)

We three females looked at each other, big eyed. "Mom, follow them." I suggested, er no, more like I commanded!

"Should I?" she queried. "Yes, go go go!" Jayde and I were giggling by now! Mom stepped on the gas and we were off on our first adventure as "CREEPERS"!!!

It turned out we followed them all the way to their driveway which happened to be about one block from our original destination!! How convenient!

There's more to tell you but I'm tired. To make sure that we didn't explode, please watch the video I posted below.

I was delighted to find these photos and videos on my dad's laptop! I made this little montage for my sister and her crew in Paraguay mostly, but you all can watch it too if you choose. ;) I know some of the singing goes a little long, so fast forward to the harmonica playing at the end.

(Dr. Martinez is a pediatric surgeon at St. Joseph's Hospital)

Oh and as for going to sing for our sick friend, yeah we did that as soon as we  finished at the Martinez home! ;) I may post that part of the story soon.

What a great Sunday afternoon it was!