Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#HOLIDAYPHOTOADAY & Peanut Butter Jar Day

Well HELLO THERE! It's been a long time. (now I have one of Conway Twitty's songs ringing in my head!)

Is it true? Christmas is almost here? I'm much better prepared for it this year so BRING IT ON!!! I've even started with my decorations. Last year, we had barely moved into this home so I didn't go all out as I usually do with  my decorating. I'm really psyched this year though and am happy that I've been feeling better than I have in months.

Starting December 1st, I'm going to post a photo each day which captures something of the Christmas Season. I can't wait to see what and all I come up with. What about you? Will you join me and the others?

Social Savvy Mom

In the meantime, I'll post what went on around here today. It was PEANUT BUTTER JAR (CAN)  DAY!! I took these photos of our dog Delilah the last time we had PEANUT BUTTER JAR DAY, but it was the same scene today! :) Each time we finish a jar of PB, she gets the treat of cleaning it totally out! As you can tell, Delilah just loves PEANUT BUTTER JAR DAY.