Sunday, December 30, 2007


Pam has a new laptop and has gone "wireless"!! Yes, and hopefully after the first of January, I will get to visit all of your blogs! I have lots of catching up to do, don't I?

Our Christmas was just wonderful! God was so good to get everybody over their colds and flu before the big day!

I was able to visit a very few of you tonight and am now off to catch up with Rita and Jackie's blogs. They are family you know! Happy New Year to each of you and look for a visit from me in the near future!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Giving a Shout Out!

Me again! Are you surprised? Twice in one week! WOW!!! I wish I had time to visit each and every one of your blogs!

We're in Tampa checking in on the folks. Mom is sleeping better and can move around a little better. I took down one of her shower curtains so she could wash it. We left Shane with her and dad while we (Agustin and I) did some Christmas shopping. They made their annual batch of "Peanut Butter Balls"!!! Some of you may know them as "Buckeyes". Shane is still sick after a set back. I adivsed him to not cough on the candy! We let him go to his Patch Club Christmas party last Wed. night against our better judgement. He was just getting over the flu. I think he got re-infected! Agustin has also been sick for a couple of days as well. I'm so thankful that it hasn't hit me yet! (Fingers crossed here!)

After shopping awhile, Agustin treated me to a nice steak dinner where there was lots of ambiance! Ooh-la-la! Then he took me shopping for a new computer!! We've been out looking 3 times now, but I'm so afraid I'm going to make the wrong choice! It's all so overwhelming!

Ron remains in good spirits and is recuperating well since his liver transplant.

Patti is home and doing so-so but her friends Raise and Roney need our prayers for health issues.

Well, Agustin is ready and we need to drive home, so until next time my friends!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Surprise Visit From ME!!

Hi Gang!

Just a real quick note to let you know y'all are in my heart and thoughts often. Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm at my parents home right now. I brought some of their favorite food products to them. From Fresh Market: Pimiento cheese, pumpernickel bread, toasted French rounds, bananas, and huge naval oranges! They were awesome, like a little slice of heaven!

Mom is having much less pain but must continue sleeping in the recliner for now. she is craving a good night's sleep in her bed!

Ron went home from the hospital on Tuesday with his new liver. (Groovy, I can't wait to ask him if they gave him a side of onions with that! You crazy nut!)

My brother and two sons have had a terrible flu virus.

My friend Amber arrived from Pensacola safely and is in route with her daddy now to her home!

It's raining cats and dogs here!

Love to all and to all a good night!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Hi Friends!

A family friend, Ron Worley, recieved a call around 10 thirty Sunday night telling him to get to Tampa General right away for his new liver!! We have been praying for several months for this to happen. Today, he recieved that new liver and is doing well at this time. Dad was at the hospital and with the family until the surgeon released the great news. It seems all went well. Please pray that his body accepts this liver, please.

I'm once again at my parents home. Mom needed a little time out of the house, so I took her to the mall - a perfect place to walk and move around a little. Her cortisone shot is starting to relieve some of the arthrits pain in her shoulder, but the break is very painful and she just can't move very quickly. We took some time out to get her a good shampoo and a hair cut and style while out. She enjoyed that so much! Rita, the hairdresser was from Venezuela!!

I'm a winner! Yes siree indeedy! Just click here and see just what I won!! I LOVE it and am so thankful to my sweet Heavenly Father for allowing my number to be chosen so that I could recieve this little ray of sunshine just when I need it most!

Speaki8ng of rays of sunshine -- that's what each comment is to me when I sign on and see taht y'all haven't forgetten about checking on me.

I have so much to tell y'all but have no time now. Hopefully I'll remember some of all that has been happening when I get a chance to sign back on! LOL