Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Teresa's Hard Work!

Hey All!

My cousin Teresa, who comments regularly on our blogs has designed the website for the school where she teaches. Feel free to peruse the site and learn more about her and her job! This is the same school both of my parents attended and all of my aunts and uncles attended as well! The third grade teacher at Huff is my Aunt Phyllis, mom's youngest sister. Teresa is the Computer Lab instructor. Have fun!



Jungle Mom said...

I attended the 5th grade here as well! Uncle Gary taught us. Dewayne, Teresa's brother was in my class. We were very competitive!I wondered why we hadn't seen Teresa around here at the blogs for awhile!

Teresa said...

I've been home for the holidays with my family, hehehe. I work with computers everyday, all day long, so when I'm at home I don't use them as much. I am enjoying catching up on what I've missed out on though.