Friday, January 12, 2007

Amber's Blog is My Excuse!

Jackie has commented that she is awaiting my excuse as to why I didn't blog yesterday. Well here it is! I have been so busy reading and trying to digest all the information on Amber's blog that I haven't had time to write my own!! Just kidding! I would love to be as driven as she is! And of course, to be so intelligent would be a fun experience! Just ask her, she wore herself out but presented a very logical and well researched debate.Love Ya' Amber!

My hubby was off yesterday, so we had HIS agenda to tend to. Then late last night - when I normally blog - I had four lovely young people come over to hang out and watch a movie! My Josh, Rita's Josh, Joel, and Naomy were all here. We had a few snacks and a few laughs. We had to keep it down to a low rumble since Agustin had gone to bed early and had to get up early for work. They all left around 3a.m. - all except for my Josh. He knew he didn't have any work for today, so he decided to grace us wtih his company. It was sort of like old times, hearing the cereal being poured into the bowl before hearing a word spoken from him! I had a good laugh when I read his blog today and he had mistaken Jackie's recipe for cookies, then she commented it was a muffin recipe he had read! Rita and I laughed so hard on the phone about that!

Saturday, I am planning on driving into Tampa to watch Josh and some other alumni from West Gate play basketball against the current West Gate High School team. I really look forward to watching my son bask in the glory of his talents. He hardly has a chance to express his strong suits. Anything physical is what he is all about! He has a God given ability to "PERFORM EXCELLENTY" if it involves motion or physical agility. He is a quick thinker and can take over in any emergency that arises. He has an animal like prowless and is ever so alert as to what is going on around him. (As long as it isn't too deep or philisophical - right Josh?! ) It thrills my soul that he will be able to do something tomorrow which will boost his ego! (and mine as well) My prayers continue for him to be what God would have him be.

Shane and I did schooling today and then watched a documentary about Panda bears. They are adorable and he "cooed" and "awwed" the entire time! He and his brother enjoyed a few wrestling matches and can anyone answer me this? Why do boys think they must throw things at one another? Each time Josh Daniel is here or my Josh is here, something gets thrown at someone! It can be anything from rolled
up socks, to beanie babies, or pillows. Then they just giggle and giggle! Beats me!

I LOVE MY BOYS! Photo taken Nov. 1998 (Shane,11 months old, Josh,11 years


Jungle Mom said...

I just read a milblog about how the soldiers invented a game of Crete Put . They throw this big peice of concrete and compete to see who can throw it the farthest. Boys will be boys! Throwing is part ofit I guess!

Kim said...

Not having raised boys myself, I am amazed at how my boys at school feel the need to throw THEMSELVES on the ground! Every recess we have to constantly tell them "Stay off the ground, or you're out of the game!" It can be kickball, freeze tag, dodge ball or just walking in line and somehow if there is dirt or grass they end up in it.

Pallacanestro said...

That pic is old. It was a fun time, uncle Mack taking me up those crazy trails!

Jungle Mom said...

This was said by Josh as he threw himself on the ground!

Amber said...


Sorry to make you behind on your blogging, Aunt Pam! hahaha. I'm looking forward to getting some down-time for my brain.

Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm singing in church with Rossiter and Jon!

Ashley said...

"(As long as it isn't too deep or philisophical - right Josh?! )"

LOL This made me laugh.

Awww. Look at the cute wittle picture. They were so little.
And yes...boys ALWAYS have to throw things. All of my cousins do. We'll just be sitting there quiet and mannerly and then someone throws a pillow and all manners are gone.

Pat said...

Manners??? WHO SAID THEY HAVE TO HAVE MANNERS?? I like the way they bump into each other to say hello or something physical!! Dirty socks thrown at me would get my attention!!

What cute boys!! They are handsome today!! I see a great resemblance between them in this picture--that is how Shane looks today!!

So glad you had a fun those late nite get-togethers!!

Pat said...

Oh--I forgot to chastise your blame shifting---poor Amber wore herself out and you blamed her for YOU not blogging!!

How does it feel to be a scapegoat, Amber??