Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Our Little Family On Christmas Morning!

See what we left Santa Christmas Eve?We don't leave the traditional milk and cookies, we leave homemade guacamole and tostito chips!

Happy New Year to all my friends in cyberspace! Love you all and will post more!


Pat said...

Awesome that you wake up with lipstick on!! Teach me that trick---a little makeup would't hurt either if you can share that too!!!

What a true blessing for Josh to be with yall!! Such a happy family!!

Pat said...

Me again---I am sure Santa welcomes the salsa and chips after all those cookies and milk!!

Jungle Mom said...

San Nicholas loves salsa and chips
we never could leave anything out in the jungle ot the insects and bigger things like rats would carry it off!!

Grace Bowden said...

what no cookies?! Well I guess it is a little better to have something different to eat. I think milk and cookies would get a little boring after awhile.

M.J. said...

Happy New Year!! I bet santa loved his chips and guacomale!