Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Family Day

Hey - Speaking of family, where is mine??? I can't wait for all my family to get back to their homes safely. My son is in South Beach, Fl, My sister and hubby were away at a couple's retreat in Venezuela, My niece and her hubby are at a youth camp in Paraguay,(its summer there, school is out), Ashley is sick, Kim is working, Amber is back at college in Pensacola, so who does that leave in our little circle? Oh Pat and I and Jayde, sort of.

Shane had a dentist appointment in Tampa today. He goes to the same office and Family Practice where we always took Josh. I knew Dr. Mike, the young dentist on staff who Shane really likes, was the nephew of Josh's dentist. Today, however, I learned he is my Rheumatologist's son! I knew Dr. James McIlwain, (Josh's dentist) was the brother to my rheumy, but I never thought about the new guy being my rheumy's son. It's kind of neat! Shane's cross bite is correcting itself as he grows, but Dr. Mike (the young McIlwain) is fearing Shane will need braces in the future due to his narrow arch. We will wait and see!

After the dentist office, we swung by my parent's home for a short visit. It wasn't a good time! A dear, sweet, 83 year old church member of my dad's congregation passed away this week. My mom was just arriving from work, rushing to get her shower so she could meet up with another lady from church and deliver food to the grieving family. Dad was resting as the viewing was to start at 6pm tonight. The funeral is at 1pm Friday. Please pray for the Hooks family. We know our dear brother is in a much better place now, but its hardest on those left behind. Most of his family are saved, however, one daughter in law is from Thailand and a Buddhist. She has received the gospel on several occasions this week. Please pray for her salvation. I believe her name is "Lee". Also, please pray for my dad as he presides the funeral Friday.

Now onto a lighter note! For Christmas, my husband's boss gave us gift cards to one of our favorite restaurants, Liang's Bistro. It's an elegant Asian bistro where everything I have tried from their menu has been TO DIE FOR! Today we bypassed the Chicken Lettuce Wraps appetizers we always get, and tried their Cream Cheese Puffs. Let me just say -SUCCULENT! Agustin ordered the Terriaky Chicken and Rice. I ordered the Orange Peeled Chicken with Rice. We both shared with Shane. They give such large portions at Liang's, so it made sense for us to do it this way. After cleaning our plates, we tried a new dessert. Bananas deep fried in Won ton skins, served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It sounded like it was going to be great, but none of us were thrilled with it. Shane giggled when I told him that it just goes against nature to bite into a hot banana!

Arriving home around 5:30, Shane went out into the back yard to run off some pent up energy and throw stuff into our small lake. I changed into my gown and fell into bed. I have been fighting an ear infection and have started on some anti-biotics. Shane came in soon and crawled in beside me with his reading. He read me one chapter, I then in turn read one chapter to him. We then practiced writing all the words he had struggled with. He is learning cursive and does pretty well with it. We then did some rote memory work for math and some flashcards. He then went to the family room to hang out with his dad. I fell asleep and awoke at 9pm! Shane and his dad had been on the computer looking up facts and photos from World War 2. I went back to bed around midnight, and now here I am at 4 a.m.Hmmm!


Jungle Mom said...

Hey I am back! I have alot to catch up on here at the house but will be around the blog again!

Pat said...

GREAT--YOU POSTED---I CHECK HERE OFTEN!! I LOVE Laings---orange peel is waht the girls always get!
I think the dessertis better when you aren't so full.....besides, plantians are fried bananas....they often serve (cuban) a half a regular banana with the meal!! PLUS< MY DEAR< WE LOVE BANANAS FOSTER---Mimi's is HUGE and to die for!! We must broaden your horizons!!

Ashley said...

OH! Liang's?! Have you tried any of their flavored teas? I had passion fruit, strawberry, and honey before. It is soooo good!

Aww, an ear infection? I didn't know! :O But, I know how you feel to some degree, my ear's been aching for the past 2 days because of this virus I have. It feels like my head is in a vise.>__<

Pam Rios said...

Pat - I love Mimi's! We must go there sometime soon. I have tried the fried plantains in Mexico, HATE 'EM!! of course, they are popular in Venezuela too. I still HATE 'EM! But I love Mimi's.

Jungle Mom said...

We just had some jewel fried up!! They ae the best!!

Sherry said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Get plenty of rest and drink lots of liquids.

CaraqueƱa said...

Oh, you have to try plantains in a Venezuelan dish called Pabellon Criollo. That is to die for!--well, maybe... They are also great in Pabellon empanadas! Yum!