Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pardon My Blog!

Pardon me a moment please while I climb onto my soapbox!
I read a comment on someone else's blog in which the lady seemed offended that some women's blogs share recipes and silly facts about their families. If she thinks blogging is just about posting her Bible Study, then more power to her; but don't condemn me or some of "our" fellow Christian lady bloggers who are choosing to sprinkle some fun and family facts in with our testimonies.

The purpose of my blog is to have conversation and interaction with my friends and family members who are spread across the globe. Another goal of mine, while blogging, is to be an encourager to my friends and family while living thousands of miles away from them. While doing such, I pray I reflect the Lord's goodness, mercy, love, and longsuffering. I trust I will never bring reproach upon His name!

I know my family enjoys some of my light hearted moments I post about here and some of my silliness as well. I pray I never get so 'ober-spiritual' that all I know how to do is "preach" or compare others to myself. I don't know about you, but I find it a big turn off when someone thinks I should perform as they perfom; or when they are so judgemental they can't relax and enjoy sweet fellowship with other believers.

We all blog for different reasons. Let's have fun and allow each person to have the freedom to enjoy whichever blog-type they are drawn to! For goodness sakes - we are all free individuals in Christ, aren't we?

Now that I am off my soapbox I would like to encourage you (when you have a few minutes to spare, hahaha) to read a couple of posts I got so much out of today while visiting other's blogs. I came across two very helpful posts for those of us trying to be better help meets. These are also good for my single friends who are preparing for married life! If you would like to read these posts, just visit the link on my right side bar to "Cherish the Home" where Mrs. B has some wonderful tips on how to prepare for Sundays. The second article I found helpful is at She talks about women's roles in her last two posts. Enjoy!


Kim said...

Amen Sister, Amen! Christians need to have fun and enjoy fellowship while encouraging each other in our daily walk with Christ. If we are true lights for Him, everythig we write and talk about for that matter, will be sprinkled with God's word. I don't know how to live my life any other way and I know you don't either. Love ya girlfriend!

Kim said...

Oops, I mean "thing" ha ha ha

Pallacanestro said...

Yeah, ms zilla is a well a zilla lol

Jungle Mom said...

Just one more thing to legalize?
I blog to keep up with my family which happens to be spread over 3 countries. They want to see pics of the kids .I want to know what a good cook my duaghter has become and the cute puppy with my grandduaghter. If it weren't for the internet I would never see these things. I want to share my sons crazy gags. I also blog to journal what is happening in my life and our ministry. Which right now, being in Venezuela involves politics. And I do like to share what I am learning in the Word. But, the final authority on what I blog is whether it glorifies God. I think we have a way too secular -sacred diachotomy. But in reality, Whatever we do is or is not to His glory.

Jackie said...

I loved your post. Everything you said was right on. Things that happen at home are spiritual. Cooking a meal for you family, having fun with your kids, all that pleases the Lord. The Prov.31 was a WORKING woman. Laundry,cooking, sewing, diaper chaning, etc. Fulfilling our roles, and jotting down the daily activities (silly or not) for 15 minutes a day is a blessing to a lot of people, just like you said! Right on!

Pat said...

Do women only mentor with scripture? No, I believe it is in the daily walk and admist trials and knowing the world about us is what enables us to minister!! Not all our lives/past/present has a chapter and verse, but it touches hearts and lives.

I do beleve we do this to encourage, lift up, be lighthearted, laugh and enjoy each other and be involved in this way in each others lives. Now, if we lkaugh and cry along the way, ALL THE BETTER....We are real people in the real world living a real life!

We each know our prayer requests and things that speak to us or what we are convicted of also touch the pages of our blogs....

Above all, we know we are each connected by prayer.....and by a Holy God that made us crearures desirous of fellowship!!

Pam Rios said...

Well put everyone!

Sherry said...

I know who you are talking about. She posted something like that on a website that I visit. She is very critical of me too, but I don't listen to her anyway. Just have fun and blog what you wanna blog.

Mrs.B said...

Excellent post Pam, I give it a hearty 'AMEN!'.

And thank you for talking about my blog in your post, you're such a sweetie!